Belt & Disc Sander

Quality Belt and Disc Sander from Record, a leading Brand

Achieve Smooth Finishes Swiftly with Our Belt and Disc Sanders. For rapid and effortless sanding, our belt and disc sanders are the tools of choice for professionals across Ireland. Designed to tackle large surfaces with ease, our bench sanders stand ready to deliver a flawless finish. The versatility of having both a belt sander and a disk sander in one machine allows you to adapt seamlessly to the demands of any project. Renowned for their power and efficiency, these sanders are essential for anyone looking to expedite their sanding process without sacrificing quality. Trust in Carey Tools to supply a belt and disc sander that will streamline your work, saving you time and effort. Shop now and take the step towards achieving impeccable surfaces with minimal fuss. Purchase your belt sander today and elevate your craftsmanship.
DS300 Cast Iron Disc Sander 305mm (12in) DS300 Cast Iron Disc Sander 305mm (12in)
Record Power 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 
TC-US 380 Stationary Belt-Disc Sander 380W 240V TC-US 380 Stationary Belt-Disc Sander 380W 240V
AVAILABLE ONLINE (1–3 working days delivery) 

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Is Shipping For Belt & Disc Sander?

At Carey Tools, we offer FREE shipping when you spend over 75 euro on all our tools & equipment including Belt & Disc Sander

Do You Provide Delivery All Over Ireland?

Whether you need Belt & Disc Sander delivered in Dublin, Cork, Galway or anywhere else in Ireland, we have you covered. We use reliable delivery partners which means that you should receive your parcel within 1 – 5 working days. Please check our delivery notice on our website before placing your order.

How Do I Choose The Best Belt & Disc Sander?

Choosing the best belt and disc sander for your needs can be tricky. We suggest doing some research on the type of projects you plan to use the sander for and then looking for a sander with features that match those needs. You can also search our products by budget or brand to find the best one for you.

Safety Gear Worth Buying With Your Belt & Disc Sander

When working with a belt and disc sander, it is important to make sure you have the right safety gear. A good set of safety goggles, a dust mask, and ear protection can help protect you from the dust and debris created by the sander. Additionally, you may want to consider wearing a dust mask and gloves to further protect yourself.

How do I care for and maintain?

To maintain your belt and disc sander, make sure to regularly check and clean the sanding belts and discs, as well as the dust collection bag. To extend the life of the sander, use the correct belt and disc size for the sander and avoid using excessive pressure when sanding. Additionally, make sure to keep the sander in a dry, dust-free environment.