Stepladders & Platform Steps

Step Up with Precision and Safety In the world of elevating tasks, the importance of sturdiness and reliability can't be stressed enough. Enter our top-tier hop up platforms, tailored especially for those in Cork and beyond. For tasks that require just that little extra lift, our aluminium hop up 600mm x 600mm stands out, ensuring you can reach with both safety and ease. Our hop ups, whether you're eyeing the traditional hop up platform or the unique offerings we have, are designed with impeccable craftsmanship. The robust build, coupled with their versatility, makes them a trusted ally for both professionals and household enthusiasts alike. The balance of quality and affordability in our range ensures that every purchase is a value-driven decision. So, the next time you need to get to that high shelf or undertake a professional task, remember Carey Tools has the ideal hop up waiting for you. Discover our range and elevate your work standards today. Shop now.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Are the Shipping Charges for Hop Ups and Platform Steps?

Great news for all at Carey Tools! When your order crosses the 75 euro mark, including items like Hop Ups or Platform Steps, we waive the shipping charges for you.

Do You Deliver to Cork and Beyond?

Absolutely. Be it Cork, Dublin, Galway, or any other corner of Ireland, we'll get your Hop Up or Platform Step to you. Rely on our efficient delivery network and expect your items within 1 – 5 working days. However, do take a minute to glance through our delivery guidelines on our website prior to confirming your order.

How Can I Find the Most Suitable Hop Up or Platform Step?

Picking out the ideal Hop Up or Platform Step requires a bit of thought. Start by evaluating the height you'll frequently work at, the weight it needs to support, and the type of task at hand. Simplify your search using filters such as budget and brand on our site to find just what you're after.

Which Brands of Hop Ups Do You Stock?

Only the best for our customers. We've got a curated selection from leading names such as Kensaw and Faithfull. Whether you're looking for a hop up platform or an aluminium hop up 600mm x 600mm, our range assures safety, long life, and top-notch performance. Dive into our collection today and land the perfect fit for your tasks.

Essential Safety Gear with My Hop Up Purchase?

Every job has its risks, so it's crucial you're well-equipped. When using Hop Ups and Platform Steps, always gear up with a robust hard hat, clear protective eyewear, snug gloves, and footwear that gives you a firm grip.

Tips on Hop Up Care and Upkeep?

To ensure your Hop Up serves you well for years, perform frequent checks. Before each use, inspect for wear or potential damage. Ensure all components, especially bolts and hinges, are in top condition. If you find any part showing signs of distress, it's wise to replace it immediately. As for storage, a dry and shaded place works best to retain the ladder's integrity.

Can I Opt for a Telescopic Ladder Instead of a Hop Up?

Of course! While Hop Ups are great for certain tasks, a telescopic ladder might offer the flexibility and height you need for others. Explore our range of telescopic ladders available for sale, and you might just find what you're looking for.

What is the difference between a platform ladder and a step ladder?

The primary distinction lies in the standing area. A platform ladder provides a spacious area, typically 12" x 18" or larger, allowing users to stand securely with both feet. In contrast, with a step ladder, users position themselves on individual steps.