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Frequently Asked Questions


How Quickly Are My Nail Orders Shipped?

Enjoy free shipping on nail orders over 75 euro. Expect delivery in 1-5 working days across Ireland.

What Areas Do You Deliver To?

We deliver nails nationwide to all major Irish cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway. Orders typically arrive within 1-5 working days.

How Do I Pick The Optimal Nails?

Match nail thickness and strength to your material. For heavy materials like hardwood, choose thicker nails. For lighter materials like drywall, select thinner nails.

What Brands Are Available?

We supply major professional-grade nail brands to suit any construction or DIY project.

What About Outdoor Nail Projects?

Use weather and corrosion resistant galvanized or stainless steel nails for optimal durability in outdoor applications.

Are There Specialty Nails for Different Materials?

Yes, choose material specific nails like masonry nails for stone/concrete or finishing nails for wood projects where subtle nail heads are preferred.