Cable Reels, Site Lights & Transformers

Looking for a safe and easy way to get power to your construction site? Our cable reels, site lights, and transformers are perfect for any construction or outdoor job. We have a variety of products to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your needs. With our products, you’ll be able to work safely and efficiently in any environment. You won’t have to worry about losing power or dealing with dangerous cords anymore. Purchase our cable reels, site lights, and transformers today!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your shipping policy for items like Cable Reels and Site Lights?

We offer free shipping on all tools and equipment, including Cable Reels and Site Lights, when your order is over 75 euro. Enjoy fast, free delivery across Ireland.

Do you deliver to all counties in Ireland?

Yes, we deliver to all counties in Ireland! With our reliable delivery partners, expect your tools and equipment to arrive within 1-5 working days no matter if you live in Dublin, Cork, or elsewhere.

How do I know what cord length I need?

Measure the distance from your power source to the furthest workspace to determine the necessary cord length for ample reach.

What power source do cord reels use?

Most retractable cord reels operate on standard 120V AC power. Some 12V DC models are also available. Verify cord reel power specifications match your power source.

What's the best way to choose cable reels and site lights?

Consider your needs and budget to select the ideal cable reels and site lights. You can also filter products by price or brand to match solutions to your requirements.