Lawn & Hedge Care

Attaining the quintessential British garden, with its neatly manicured lawn and hedges, need not be a chore. Our expertly curated collection, from the sought-after scythe for sale in Ireland to the precision of manual hedge trimmers, caters to every discerning gardener. Whether it's the clean-cutting power of hand-held hedge shears or the efficiency of lawn shears, our range ensures your garden stands out in all its verdant glory. But why stop at mere admiration? Dive into our selection now, experience the finesse of our manual hedge clippers, and elevate your gardening prowess. Your garden's excellence is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Shipping Costs for Lawn & Hedge Care Tools?

At Carey Tools, we value our customers. Hence, we provide FREE shipping on orders exceeding 75 euros, which covers our complete range, inclusive of Lawn & Hedge Care tools and equipment.

Is Delivery Available Across Ireland?

Definitely. Regardless of whether you're in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or any other part of Ireland, rest assured your Lawn & Hedge Care essentials will be delivered promptly. With our trusted delivery partners, anticipate your order within 1 to 5 working days. For optimal clarity, we recommend consulting our delivery notice online before confirming your purchase.

Guidance on Selecting the Ideal Lawn & Hedge Care Tools?

The right Lawn & Hedge Care tools are determined by the specific care requirements of your garden. Depending on whether you're focused on weed management, fertilization, or pruning, identify tools tailored for those tasks. Our platform further aids selection by allowing filtering by budget and brand.

Which Brands Feature in Your Collection?

We proudly host a range from industry-leading brands, including Faithfull, Roughneck, and Bulldog, ensuring your garden receives the best. Navigate our offerings for premium tools designed for an immaculate lawn and hedge appearance, all priced competitively.

Recommendations for Lawn & Hedge Tool Maintenance?

For longevity and optimal performance of your tools, adhere to the following: Regularly clean and inspect for wear. Sharpen blades as needed and lubricate any moving components. Prioritise storing in a moisture-free environment to deter rusting and degradation.

Which Fertiliser Aligns Best with Hedge Health?

For robust hedges, opt for a balanced, slow-release granular fertilizer, ideally with a 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 (N-P-K) composition. Applying in early spring and revisiting in mid-summer ensures flourishing growth, but always heed manufacturer's guidelines.

Characteristics of a Stellar Hedge?

An impeccable hedge stands out with its uniform growth, dense and vibrant foliage, neat top line, and crisp edges. Achieving this requires routine maintenance, selecting appropriate plant species, and ensuring consistent nourishment and hydration.

Defining a Hedge in Landscaping Terms?

Within landscaping, a hedge represents a living boundary comprising closely sited shrubs or trees. Hedges are multifunctional, offering privacy, shielding against winds, reducing noise, or simply enhancing aesthetic appeal. With regular care, they're a landscaping asset.

What's the Return Policy on Lawn & Hedge Care Tools?

If a product doesn't meet your expectations or there's a concern post-purchase, our return and exchange policy is designed to assist. For specifics, we encourage customers to check our return section online.