Edging Shears

Elevate Garden Precision with Elite Edging Shears Unlock the secret to a flawlessly manicured garden with our expert range of edging shears. Skip the hassle and potential hazards of bulkier equipment and choose the precision of our long-handled edging shears. Crafted for ease and efficiency, whether it's lawn edging shears or garden shears you're after, our selection guarantees a swift, impeccable finish every time. No more arduous hours; just clean, sharp borders that showcase the true beauty of your garden. Explore our assortment, from garden edging shears to other bespoke tools, and see why professionals opt for them. Embrace the evolution of garden care, and with just a few clicks, bring the best of British garden craftsmanship to your doorstep. Order today and let your garden be the envy of all.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the shipping cost for garden edging shears?

If your purchase at Carey Tools exceeds 75 euro, which can include items like garden edging shears or long-handled edging shears, you qualify for FREE shipping. For orders not reaching this amount, kindly refer to our shipping rates detailed on our website.

Can I expect prompt delivery across Ireland for my lawn edging shears?

Definitely! No matter if you're based in Dublin, Cork, Galway or any corner of Ireland, we ensure your garden shears reach you swiftly. Our dependable delivery partners typically get your tools to you within 1 – 5 working days. For specifics, always take a glance at our website's delivery notice before you finalise your order.

What factors should I weigh up when selecting the perfect edging shears?

Picking the right edging shears hinges on the task ahead, the weight and handle length you're comfortable with, and the blade's material and sharpness. Whether you're after short garden edging shears or the long-handled variety, you can sieve through our product range by budget or brand to nail down the ideal match for your gardening endeavors.

Which top-tier brands of edging shears can I find on Carey Tools?

We stock an impressive range of edging shears crafted by industry leaders like Bahco, Bulldog, Fiskars, and Kent & Stowe. Given our curated collection, you're bound to find shears tailored to your horticultural requirements. Couple that with our competitive pricing, and you know you're in for a treat.

What's the recommended maintenance routine for garden shears?

For a prolonged lifespan of your edging shears, it's pivotal to keep the blades spick and span and razor-sharp. Post-use, a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth and a touch of light oil keeps rust at bay. Periodically check the fitting of screws and bolts to ensure everything's snug. If you notice any slack in the blade's tension, a slight adjustment should bring it back to its prime cutting capacity.

What's the return policy if I'm not satisfied with the edging shears?

At Carey Tools, we stand by the quality of our products. If, for some reason, you're not pleased with your purchase, please refer to our returns policy on the website. We aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible for our valued customers.

Is there expert advice available for first-time shear buyers?

Absolutely. If you're venturing into gardening and are uncertain about your tool choices, our seasoned team is at your disposal. Drop us a query, and we'll guide you through, ensuring your garden thrives with the right set of tools in hand.

What are edging shears used for?

Edging Shears are designed for precision trimming and cutting of grass, producing clean lines around your lawn. Equipped with high-quality carbon steel blades that resist rusting, they ensure a smooth cutting experience. Being lightweight and ergonomic, these shears simplify the task of lawn edging.