Router Bits

Range of router bits

There are so many different types of router bits on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Do you need a straight bit, or a spiral bit? A flush trimming bit, or a rabbeting bit? At Router Bits we have all the answers. We carry a wide selection of high quality router bits from some of the top brands in the business, like Freud and Whiteside. Whether you're a professional contractor or just starting out in woodworking, we have the perfect router bit for your project. Buy online now!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will delivery cost me?

Enjoy free shipping on orders over 75 euro to anywhere in Ireland. Your tools will arrive in 1-5 days with our reliable partners all across Ireland.

What shank size should I use with my router?

Use a 1/4" shank for lighter tasks or smaller routers. Choose 1/2" for heavier jobs in full-size routers. Make sure the shank matches your router's collet size.

How can I avoid chipping when trimming edges?

Take light final passes instead of deep cuts. Use scrap backing boards to support the workpiece. Consider shear angle bits that slice cleanly across wood grain.

What jobs are router bits good for?

Router bits are versatile woodworking tools for joinery, decoration, and more. They enable precise rabbets, dados, inlays, and other functional cuts. Spiral and straight bits suit many carpentry and craft tasks.