Dovetail Jigs

Looking for a dovetail jig? Dovetail joints are a popular woodworking joint because they are strong and attractive. They can be used in furniture, cabinets, and other wood projects. A dovetail jig is the perfect tool for creating these joints. We offer a variety of jigs to choose from, so you can find the one that is right for your needs. Purchase a dovetail jig today on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping options?

We offer free shipping on all orders over €75 anywhere in Ireland. Expect delivery in 1-5 working days with our trusted partners.

What types of dovetail joints can your jigs create?

These jigs enable various joint types like half-blind, through, sliding, and variable spaced dovetails. Some models even allow box joints, finger joints, and tapered dovetails - perfect for diverse woodworking projects.

How do dovetail tools work?

These specialized cutters craft angled grooves to interlock parts of dovetail joints commonly used in drawers and slides. They cleanly cut bevels, undercuts and deburr too.

Are dovetail jigs worthwhile investments?

Yes, their precision simplifies even complex joints, enabling beginners yet enhancing professionals' efficiency - crucial for quality drawers and woodworking.

What maintenance best prolongs my dovetail jig’s lifespan?

Regular cleaning, lubrication, blade upkeep, calibration checks and avoiding overwork preserve accuracy over years of use. Protecting from dust and impacts also prevents deterioration.