Workwear, Tool Storage & Safety

Elevate your work game with Carey Tools' meticulously curated collection. Stay organised on the go with our premium tool bags and tool belts, tailored to fit every craftsman's need. For carpenters, our specialized carpenter tool belt ensures your essentials remain within arm's reach. Yet, while tools are vital, personal safety remains paramount. Our range spans from safety boots, ensuring your feet stay protected, to carpenter gloves, shielding hands from potential hazards. Every tool belt pouch in our collection is crafted for durability, ensuring longevity even in demanding environments. Don't just settle for the basics when you can have the best. Whether it's protection, organisation, or both, Carey Tools promises quality without compromise. Navigate your day with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with top-tier gear. Browse our selection today and invest in equipment that truly works as hard as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Shipping for Workwear, Tool Bags, Belts, and Safety Gear?

At Carey Tools, value is our watchword. This is why we proudly offer FREE shipping for orders over 75 euro across our expansive range, encompassing tool bags, carpenters tool belts, safety boots, and more. Quality without the delivery charge - that's the Carey Tools promise.

I'm from Dublin. Can I Get a Carpenter Tool Belt Delivered Here?

Absolutely! From the heart of Dublin to the serene streets of Cork, and yes, we've got you covered. Our trusted delivery partners ensure that whether it's a tool bag, tool belt pouch, or safety boots, your order will reach you within 1 – 5 working days. Just a tip: our delivery notice on the website offers detailed information, so do give it a once-over before finalising.

With So Many Options, How Do I Pick the Right Tool Storage or Safety Gear?

We feel you - the choices can seem endless! When it comes to tool belts, consider factors like the number of pouches, material durability, and your specific trade (a carpenter tool belt might differ from one meant for electricians). For safety gear, like carpenter gloves or safety boots, think about the kind of protection you need and the environment you'll be working in. And remember, filtering by budget or brand on Carey Tools can streamline your search. Lastly, our customer reviews section offers insights that can guide your choice.

Are There Specific Tool Belts for Carpenters?

Indeed, there are! A carpenters tool belt is designed keeping the tools of the trade in mind. They often come with pouches tailored for carpentry tools, ensuring ease of access and efficient storage. Browse our collection to find a variety of options that cater to carpentry needs.

How Important are Safety Boots and Carpenter Gloves?

When on the job, your safety should always come first. Safety boots offer protection against sharp objects, heavy tools, and slippery surfaces. Carpenter gloves, on the other hand, provide grip and protect against splinters, sharp edges, and other potential hazards. Don't compromise on these; they're as essential as the tools in your belt!

Why is workwear important?

Safety workwear is an indispensable aspect in numerous professions, serving as a primary defense to secure the well-being of employees. Specifically crafted to shield workers from a multitude of hazards—including electrical, chemical, mechanical, and biological threats—the significance of safety workwear is paramount.