Clothing & Workwear

Crafted with precision and designed for professionals, Carey Tools offers a distinguished range of workwear tailored for every tradesperson. Protect those skilled hands with our carpenter gloves or take on your garden tasks with our robust gardening gloves. Prioritise your knees' comfort with our cushioned knee pads, ensuring you can work longer without discomfort. Our workwear belts and aprons are not only functional but also guarantee the ease of accessibility for your essential tools. Whether you're in Cork or elsewhere, our commitment to quality remains unchanged. Dressing the part isn't just about aesthetics; it's about safety, durability, and comfort. With our curated collection of workwear, not only will you feel secure, but you'll also exude professional prowess. Step into a realm of workwear excellence today, only at Carey Tools. Don't compromise; invest in the best. Secure your choice now on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Delivery Charges for Workwear Clothing Items?

At Carey Tools, we believe in providing top-notch quality without hidden costs. Spend over 75 euro on our extensive range of workwear items, from carpenter gloves to knee pads, and enjoy FREE shipping. It's our commitment to value.

I'm Based in Cork. Can I Expect Swift Delivery of My Workwear Items?

Without a doubt! Whether you're nestled in the bustling streets of Dublin, the scenic lanes of Cork, the vibrant heart of Galway, or anywhere across the Emerald Isle, rest assured – we've got your back. Our trustworthy delivery partners strive to get your workwear and related items to you within a span of 1 – 5 working days. Just a suggestion: for specifics on delivery, our website has a comprehensive notice you might want to glance at before ordering.

With So Many Options, How Can I Zero in on the Perfect Workwear?

We understand the challenge – there's a world of choice out there! Think about the nature of your job first. If you're working long hours kneeling, for instance, investing in quality knee pads is non-negotiable. Or, if you're into carpentry, those carpenter gloves will be indispensable. Consider the fit, comfort, and durability – and not just the style. Gardening enthusiasts? There's a pair of gardening gloves here with your name on it. Dive into our collection, and use the budget or brand filters on Carey Tools to hone in on what suits you best.

Are There Workwear Belts and Aprons Suitable for Different Trades?

Yes, there are! Our diverse range caters to various professions. From sturdy workwear belts designed to carry tools to aprons that keep splashes and spills at bay, you'll find gear tailored to your trade's unique demands. Not just about functionality, they also promise comfort and style. So, whether you're a carpenter, mechanic, or a passionate gardener, we've got something for you.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Gardening Gloves?

Gardening gloves need to be tough enough to handle thorns and rough soil but also provide dexterity for delicate tasks like pruning and planting seeds. When choosing, look for gloves that offer a snug fit, are made from breathable material to prevent sweating, and have reinforced fingertips for durability. Check out our range to find gloves that will keep your hands protected and make your gardening tasks more enjoyable.

How Important Are Knee Pads in Workwear?

Don't underestimate the importance of knee pads! For jobs that require frequent kneeling, such as tiling, gardening, or carpentry, knee pads are essential. They provide cushioning and protect your knees from injuries, ensuring you can work comfortably and safely throughout the day.