In the construction realm, it's often the subtle enhancements that amplify efficiency. Consider, for instance, the role of builders braces. Beyond just holding up trousers, these accessories play an essential part in ensuring tools are always accessible, streamlining tasks on site. Carey Tools proudly introduces an array of builders work braces, tailored for the pros who value both function and form. Engineered for resilience and crafted from materials such as leather and robust nylon, our braces guarantee longevity, even in demanding environments. The adjustable straps ensure compatibility with various toolbag sizes, ensuring your essentials are always within arm's reach. Ordering with Carey Tools is seamless; our platform guarantees swift delivery across Ireland for purchases exceeding €75. Couple that with unmatched prices and unwavering customer support, and you've got a recipe for complete satisfaction. Dive into our collection and enhance your on-site proficiency with the finest construction braces in the market. Secure yours today.
SP90 Padded Construction Braces 2in Wide SP90 Padded Construction Braces 2in Wide
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 
SP-17R Red Braces 2in Wide SP-17R Red Braces 2in Wide
AVAILABLE ONLINE (1–3 working days delivery) 
SP-15N Navy Braces 2in Wide SP-15N Navy Braces 2in Wide
AVAILABLE ONLINE (1–3 working days delivery) 
Heavy-Duty Braces 50mm Wide - Blue Heavy-Duty Braces 50mm Wide - Blue
AVAILABLE ONLINE (1–3 working days delivery) 
Braces with Clips Braces with Clips sold out

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Shipping Cost for Builders Braces & Construction Braces?

At Carey Tools, we believe in providing value. That's why we're chuffed to offer FREE shipping when your order exceeds 75 euro, and that includes our range of builders braces, construction braces, and even those handy tools specifically designed for braces.

Delivery Across Ireland – How's That Work?

Right, whether you're in Dublin, Cork, Galway or somewhere tucked away, if you need builders work braces or any other braces, we've got your back. Relying on top-notch delivery partners means your gear should be with you within 1 – 5 working days. Before you dive in, just a tip: have a glance at our delivery notice on the Carey Tools website.

So Many Choices! How Do I Pin Down the Best Braces for My Job?

Spot on! The world of braces is diverse. If you're after sturdy builders braces or construction braces for that heavy lifting, consider the material and size – make sure they're up to the task. Maybe you're after a specific tool for braces? Ensure it's compatible. Our platform lets you sort by budget and brand, helping you narrow down to what you really need. And remember, customer reviews can provide some great insights.

Can Braces Be Adjusted for Comfort?

Absolutely. Many of our braces, especially builders work braces, come with adjustable straps. It ensures they fit snugly, giving you that added bit of comfort during those long working hours. When you select a product, the details should indicate if adjustments can be made.

Any Tips on Maintaining My Braces?

Indeed. First and foremost, keep 'em clean. Wipe them down regularly, especially if they've been exposed to muck and grime. For those with metal parts, avoid leaving them in damp conditions to prevent rust. Storing them properly after use can also extend their lifespan. Lastly, always follow any care instructions provided by the manufacturer.