Batteries & Chargers for Cordless Tools

Range of batteries and battery chargers for Cordless Power Tools

Need a replacement battery or charger for your cordless tool? We have batteries and chargers for all the top brands of cordless tools. Whether you need a replacement battery or want to upgrade to a faster charger, we have what you need. Get back to work with a new battery or charger from our selection. Our batteries and chargers are made with the latest technology and are compatible with all the top brands of cordless tools. So whether you’re looking for a replacement or an upgrade, we have what you need. Shop now on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Shipping Terms ?

We provide free shipping on all orders over 75 euro at Carey Tools.

How Quickly Can Tools Be Delivered in Ireland?

Our delivery network across Ireland ensures that it will arrive within 1 – 5 working days, including to Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Please refer to our delivery notice for up-to-date information.

How Do I Select the Right Battery or Charger for My Power Tools?

Consider the compatibility with your power tools, the voltage requirements, and the duration of use. Our product range caters to various brands and models, allowing you to find the best fit based on your tools' specifications.

What Brands of Batteries and Chargers Do You Offer?

We stock batteries and chargers from top brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Black and Decker, known for their reliability and performance. This ensures you get the best quality products for your power tools.

Are There Universal Chargers Available?

Yes, we offer universal chargers compatible with multiple power tool brands. However, always check compatibility with your specific tool model before purchasing.

How Can I Ensure My Batteries and Chargers Last Longer?

Proper care includes regular charging (but not overcharging), storing in a cool and dry place, and keeping the terminals clean. For chargers, ensure they are unplugged when not in use and kept away from water and dust.