For the hands that build, cultivate, and protect, selecting the right glove is paramount. At Carey Tools, we’re not just a provider; we understand the needs of professionals from the precision of a carpenter to the tenacity of a gardener. Dive into our select range, featuring carpenter gloves designed for finesse, gardening gloves and garden gloves that balance protection with touch, and our specially curated pk3015 work gloves accompanied by a beanie hat for those cooler working days. Every glove in our collection, including the resilient grippa safety gloves, pledges not just fit but also function. Our commitment extends beyond just providing gloves; it's about ensuring the safety wear we offer stands up to the demands of Ireland's workforce. Elevate your safety standards with our glove selection, and enjoy prompt delivery across Ireland on orders over €75. With Carey Tools, ensure your hands get the respect and protection they deserve. Secure your pair today.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Deal with Shipping for Gloves?

We like to keep things straightforward at Carey Tools. Spend over 75 euro on any tools & equipment, including our vast range of gloves – be it carpenter gloves, grippa safety gloves, we'll cover the shipping costs. That's right, delivery is on us.

Can I Get These Gloves Anywhere in Ireland?

Top to bottom, east to west – if you're in Ireland, we've got you. Whether you're in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or tucked away somewhere else, our trusted delivery partners ensure your gloves reach you within 1 – 5 working days. A heads up though: always glance over our delivery notice on the Carey Tools website before sealing the deal.

Any Tips on Picking the Right Gloves for the Job?

Spot on. The glove game can be a tad tricky. Think about what you're getting into. If you're pottering about in the garden, those gardening or garden gloves will do the trick. More hands-on carpentry work? Opt for carpenter gloves. And if you're after a bit of a combo, our pk3015 work gloves with a beanie hat might be just the ticket. Dive into the product descriptions, compare materials, sizes, and protection levels. And, of course, use our handy budget and brand filters on Carey Tools to zero in on what you need.

Do Your Gloves Comply with Safety Standards in Ireland?

Quality and safety are non-negotiable for us. All our gloves, including the gloves safety wear, adhere to the stringent safety standards set in Ireland. So, you can have peace of mind knowing you're not only getting durable gloves but ones that give top-notch protection.

How Do I Care for and Clean My Gloves?

Great question! Taking care of your gloves extends their life. Most gloves come with care instructions, but generally, for those soiled with dirt, a good shake or a gentle hand wash should suffice. For gloves exposed to chemicals or other hazardous materials, it's essential to consult the product guidelines and ensure thorough cleaning.

Do carpenters need gloves?

For safeguarding one's hands from potential injuries, cuts, and scrapes, it's advisable for carpenters to wear protective gloves. A variety of gloves are available on the market, ranging from general handling gloves and multi-purpose gloves to those designed specifically for precision tasks.

What is the purpose of gardening gloves?

While gardening gloves are not mandatory, they offer notable benefits. They shield the hands from potential hazards such as thorns, splinters, and blisters. Additionally, they prevent stubborn dirt from settling on the fingers and beneath the nails. Moreover, gloves help in keeping the skin from drying out due to contact with soil.

What are rigger gloves made of?

Rigger gloves are robust gloves designed specifically for tasks that necessitate hand protection. They are predominantly crafted from leather, often combined with cotton, to produce durable wear suitable for handling abrasive materials, chemicals, or other heavy-duty equipment.