Comfort Fit Gloves

In the realm of craftsmanship, the distinction between good and exceptional often boils down to the tools of the trade. And among these, the unsung heroes are undoubtedly the gloves we don. Presenting Carey Tools' Top Fit Gloves – where precision meets protection, ensuring your hands are shielded whilst allowing the meticulousness of your craft to shine through. Crafted meticulously, our Top Fit Gloves are synonymous with unparalleled comfort. Fabricated from elite materials, they boast a design that’s both pliant and sturdy, allowing your hands the freedom to move whilst ensuring they remain safeguarded. The snug contouring ensures they remain steadfast, enhancing tool grip. Protection against abrasions, punctures, and cuts is a given, making them versatile for tasks, be it intricate DIY or intensive industrial endeavours. And the icing on the cake? Maintenance is a breeze. Dive into the future of hand protection with our Top Fit Gloves. And with complimentary delivery across Ireland on orders above €75, there’s no reason to delay. Equip yourself with the best today.
DPG800L Touchscreen Cut Gloves DPG800L Touchscreen Cut Gloves
AVAILABLE ONLINE (1–3 working days delivery) 

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Deal with Shipping for Top Fit Gloves?

At Carey Tools, we believe in value. Order any tools & equipment worth over 75 euro, including the sought-after Top Fit Gloves, and we'll cover the shipping costs. No hidden fees, just good business.

Deliveries Across Ireland - How Soon Can I Get My Top Fit Gloves?

Whether you're in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or any corner of Ireland, we're committed to getting your Top Fit Gloves to you swiftly. Our trusted delivery partners ensure your order is on your doorstep within 1 – 5 working days. A heads up – have a glance at our delivery notice on the Carey Tools website before confirming your purchase.

How Do I Nail the Choice for the Best Top Fit Gloves?

Picking the right pair of Top Fit Gloves isn't just about the fit. Think about your day-to-day tasks and what you need from a glove. Material matters, as does grip and breathability. And, of course, the fit has to be just right – neither too tight nor too loose. Dive into our collection, use the budget and brand filters, and you'll find a pair that feels like it's made just for you.

Why Opt for Top Fit Over Other Gloves?

Top Fit Gloves stand out for their snug fit and top-notch material quality. Designed keeping tradespeople in mind, they offer the right balance of protection, dexterity, and comfort. Perfect for a day on the job, these gloves provide a reliable grip and durability that's second to none. Take a look at the reviews and see what other professionals are saying about them.