Fibreglass Stepladder

Achieve Heights with Confidence and Safety Introducing the next level of safety and reliability - our range of fibreglass step ladders. Constructed for stability, each ladder in this line offers unparalleled strength, ensuring you work with complete confidence, be it for professional tasks or those weekend DIY projects. The superior quality of fibreglass not only assures longevity but also promises a safer approach, especially in areas with electrical hazards. With choices ranging from 4 to 8 steps, every task's reach is just a step away. Each rung is meticulously designed to offer maximum grip, minimising chances of any slip-ups. While fibreglass ladders have become a preferred choice for many, ours set a benchmark. Combining durability with non-conductive properties, they become an invaluable tool for any trade professional. Experience the difference of our fibreglass ladders, where safety meets quality. Elevate your tasks with assurance. Secure yours today. Shop now.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Cost of Shipping for Fibreglass Ladders?

If you're shopping with Carey Tools, enjoy our FREE shipping offer when your order total exceeds 75 euro, especially on fibreglass ladders.

Can I Expect Delivery Throughout Ireland?

Indeed, you can. From Dublin to Cork, Galway and every nook and cranny of Ireland, we ensure your fibreglass ladders reach you promptly. With our dependable delivery network, expect your package in about 1 – 5 working days. For any delivery specifics, it's always a good idea to skim through our online delivery notice before confirming your order.

How Do I Select an Ideal Fibreglass Ladder?

Selecting the right fibreglass ladder boils down to your requirements. Consider the height you'd frequently work at and the ladder's weight-bearing capacity. Additionally, the ladder's features, such as non-conductive side rails for electrical work, might be essential. Not sure where to start? Narrow down options using our budget or brand filters for a seamless choice.

Which Brands of Fibreglass Ladders Do You Stock?

Trust is paramount, and that's why we house ladders from top-tier brands like Kensaw. Famed for their robustness and longevity, Kensaw fibreglass ladders are a tradesperson's best friend, granting both security and versatility. Dive in, and you're bound to find a ladder tailored for your tasks.

Any Essential Safety Gear Recommendations with My Fibreglass Ladder Purchase?

While fibreglass ladders offer electrical safety, don't skimp on personal safety gear. A snug-fitting hard hat, robust gloves, and a safety harness can be invaluable additions. Remember, it's always safety first!

Keeping My Fibreglass Ladder in Tip-Top Shape?

Your fibreglass ladder will serve you well with a bit of TLC. Regularly inspect it for visible signs of wear or any potential damage. A quick check for any wobbly parts, bolts, or hinges goes a long way. Cleaning it occasionally can prevent grime build-up, and when not in use, store it somewhere dry and away from harsh elements. Lastly, heed the product label's advice on weight limits and don't push it.

Is a Fibreglass Ladder Suitable for Electrical Work?

Absolutely. Fibreglass ladders are non-conductive, making them an excellent choice for electrical tasks. Their insulating properties offer an added layer of safety when working around electricity. However, always ensure you're using a ladder in good condition and combine it with other necessary safety precautions.