Paper Rolls - 100mm

Introducing our top-of-the-line paper rolls, designed to meet all your printing and packaging needs. Our 4-inch (100mm) paper rolls are made from high-quality materials that guarantee superior performance and durability, making them the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're printing receipts, invoices, or shipping labels, our paper rolls are designed to deliver sharp and clear prints every time. Our rolls are compatible with a wide range of printers, making them the perfect choice for businesses that need versatile printing supplies. At Carey Tools, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. We offer fast and reliable delivery across all of Ireland for orders over €75, so you can rest assured that your paper rolls will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Upgrade your printing and packaging game with our top-quality paper rolls. Order now and experience the difference!
Sanding Roll 120mm x 50m 120G Sanding Roll 120mm x 50m 120G
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Aluminium Oxide Sanding Paper Roll Green 100mm x 50m 80G Aluminium Oxide Sanding Paper Roll Green 100mm x 50m 80G
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Aluminium Oxide Sanding Paper Roll Green 100mm x 50m 120G Aluminium Oxide Sanding Paper Roll Green 100mm x 50m 120G
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What are paper rolls and what are they used for?

Paper rolls are long, continuous rolls of paper that are typically used in printers, cash registers, and other machines that require a steady supply of paper. They come in various widths and lengths, and are made from different types of paper depending on their intended use. Paper rolls are commonly used in retail, hospitality, and healthcare environments to print receipts, invoices, and other documents.

What width of paper rolls should I choose for my printer or cash register?

The width of paper rolls you choose depends on the size of your printer or cash register. Most printers and cash registers are designed to accommodate standard paper roll widths of 57mm (2.25"), 76mm (3"), and 100mm (4"). Before purchasing paper rolls, make sure to check your machine's specifications to determine the correct width of paper that it can handle.

What type of paper is used to make paper rolls?

Paper rolls can be made from a variety of different paper types, including thermal paper, bond paper, and carbonless paper. Thermal paper is coated with a heat-sensitive chemical that produces an image when heat is applied. Bond paper is a type of uncoated paper that is commonly used for printing documents and receipts. Carbonless paper is used to create duplicate or triplicate copies of documents without the need for carbon paper.

What are the benefits of using paper rolls in my business?

Using paper rolls in your business can offer several benefits. Paper rolls are a cost-effective way to print receipts, invoices, and other documents, as they are typically less expensive than pre-printed forms. They are also convenient, as they can be easily loaded into printers and cash registers, and can be quickly replaced when they run out. Additionally, paper rolls are environmentally friendly, as they can be recycled after use.