Plugging Chisels

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What are plugging chisels?

Plugging chisels are tools used for drilling or cutting holes in materials such as concrete, brick, stone, and tile. They have a sharp, pointed end that is used to break through the surface of the material, and a wide, flat end that is used to widen the hole and shape it to the desired size.

What types of plugging chisels are there?

There are several types of plugging chisels available, including SDS chisels, flat chisels, pointed chisels, and tile chisels. SDS chisels are designed to fit into SDS drills and are commonly used for drilling or cutting through concrete and brick. Flat chisels are used for removing mortar and breaking through hard materials, while pointed chisels are used for breaking up concrete and stone. Tile chisels are specifically designed for cutting and shaping tiles.

How do I choose the right plugging chisel?

Choosing the right plugging chisel depends on the type of material you are working with and the job you need to do. If you are working with concrete or brick, an SDS chisel may be the best option. For removing mortar, a flat chisel may be more suitable. If you need to break up concrete or stone, a pointed chisel may be the best choice. If you're working with tiles, a tile chisel can help you achieve the desired shape and size.

How do I use a plugging chisel?

Using a plugging chisel requires some caution and precision. First, ensure that you have the correct chisel for the job. Insert the chisel into your drill or hammer, and make sure it is secured firmly. Next, hold the chisel at a slight angle and apply steady pressure to the surface of the material you want to cut or drill.