Thu, 14th Apr, 2022

In this article, we explore the top gardening tools in Ireland every gardener must have.

Now that the spring season has finally emerged, many Irish residents are excitedly getting back to their gardens. However, if you’re new to gardening, then it’s important to go over what kinds of tools you need to tend to your garden correctly. Fortunately, you’re in the right place because we have the top 10 best gardening tools every gardener in Ireland must have (and why):


1. Hand Trowel

When it comes to gardening tools, hand trowels probably rank as one of the most important items in your arsenal. Hand trowels are essentially smaller, hand-held shovels that allow you to easily dig up dirt and plant your new flowers. Since many newly-planted plants and flowers need nutrients, your hand trowel can also come in handy by scooping up fertilizer from the bag and adding it to the soil without getting your hands messy.


2. Spade or Shovel

Just like hand trowels, spades and shovels are vitally important to gardens. Whereas a shovel has a rounded edge, a spade is straight all the way across. This allows you to dig through dirt easier and more efficiently. Spades are especially helpful if you have to dig through sod or a lot of weeds to make space to plant your new flowers. Spades are more beneficial for digging up dirt in cramped spaces, such as a flower bed, whereas a shovel is best for digging deep, wide holes you plant small trees or bushes in. When it comes to digging cultivating tools, these two are great to have in your possession.


3. Gardening Gloves

Gardening is a messy job, so having the right pair of fitted gardening gloves is a must-have. Not only can gardening gloves protect your hands from getting all dirty, but they can protect you from whatever’s lying in the dirt that you may not see. It’s not uncommon for gardeners to get stung by bees or bitten by other insects or run into thorns while planting their garden. Gardening gloves can protect you from these elements so you don’t suffer from an allergic reaction or skin irritation. When buying gardening gloves, there are so many cute designs available, but you should always make sure they fit you properly. There’s nothing worse than wearing ill-fitting gardening gloves and spending more time pulling them up than working on your garden.


4. Pruning Shears

Though you may try your hardest to prevent it, it’s natural for parts of your plant’s leaves and stems to die. When they do, you need pruning shears to remove the dead or diseased sections so they don’t infect the other parts of the plant or attract insects such as fungus gnats or worms. Pruning shears can also be used for removing unwanted weeds or vines growing in your garden. They can also help maintain the look of your garden so it doesn’t become too unruly and detract from your property.


Keep in mind that the sharper your pruning shears are, the more effectively they’ll work so take time to sharpen them up every now and then with a whetstone.


5. Loppers

If you’ve never heard of loppers, don’t worry. While they’re not referenced nearly as often as pruning shears, they’re something every beginner gardener needs to own. Whereas pruning sheers can remove unsightly weeds, vines, and leaves, they’re not always strong enough to cut through thick stems. Loppers are designed to cut through woody stems that measure approximately 1-1.5” thick with ease, making them perfect for trimming down overgrown bushes.


Furthermore, loppers can be used for hard-to-reach overgrowth that regular pruning shears are unable to reach.


6. Garden Hose & Reel

Once your new bushes and flowers are planted, you’ll need to water them to keep them alive and well. While you should also invest in a watering can for targeted areas such as hanging flower baskets and indoor plants, a garden hose allows you to water a large area easily and efficiently.


When you’re done using the garden hose, you’ll need a reel to set it on. A garden hose reel not only allows you to easily store and keep your hose organized, but it allows easy winding and unwinding. Plus, it removes the risk of your garden hose getting all tangled up, which all gardeners can agree, is a very annoying (but common) thing to deal with!


7. Watering Tools

Speaking of watering tools, it’s not just a hose and reel you should invest in. You may also need sprinklers, watering cans, hose fittings, and spray lances (to name a few). Spray lances are ideal for smaller gardens that have hard-to-reach areas. The lance allows you to get in there and water those plants with ease. Likewise, when it comes to watering your garden, sprinklers can do the job for you, so you have more time to work on other tasks around the house. There are many different watering tools available, and as you spend more time gardening, you’ll have a better idea of the types of tools you need.


8. Garden Fork

No, this isn’t the kind of fork you eat with! Rather, it’s a gardening tool designed to dig through tightly packed dirt. While it’s important to pack the soil around your newly planted flowers to provide support, this can be incredibly tough to dig through if you want to plant something new. Garden forks not only dig through tightly packed soil easily, but they can loosen up the dirt around a plant to make room for additional growth. These garden forks have a long, sturdy, easy-to-grip handle and three prongs, which is why they’re named after forks.


9. Rake

No gardening tool kit would be complete without a rake. Though rakes are primarily used to gather up leaves from inside your garden and off your lawn, they can also easily collect other types of debris that may have found their way inside your garden such as twigs and trash. Rakes can also be used to level mulch and new soil.


Even though you probably already own a rake, you should invest in one that has an easy-to-grip handle, sturdy prongs, and one that’s big enough to handle the size of your property with ease. Since many homeowners only use their rake a couple of times of year, they may not see the value in investing in one that’s high quality. But, if you’re planning on gardening regularly, your rake will be used much more often, so focusing on quality and one that will last is crucial.


10. Hedge Trimmers

Last but not least, every new gardener needs a pair of hedge trimmers. You may be surprised by how many things you can do with a set of hedge trimmers. These gardening tools can not only be used to edge your hedges (that rhymed!) but they can also cut through stems that are up to ½ inch thick, making them a handy tool to have in addition to loppers and pruning shears. Hedge trimmers can also cut small areas of grass as long as the grass isn’t too high, in addition to thin weeds.


Where to Buy Gardening Tools in Ireland?

When you’re in the market for new gardening tools, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Most gardening tools are available at your local hardware store or garden center. Or, if you prefer to do your shopping online, many of these retailers have websites where you can place your order for delivery.


How to Organize Garden Tools in the Garage?

You bought your gardening tools, now you need somewhere to organize them. Gardeners have many options, including a toolbox, tool bag, cases, and tote bags to store and organize their tools. Organizing your garden tools will depend on how much storage you have. For example, you could store them in a tote bag that sits outside on your back porch or patio or in a toolbox that sits outside in the garage or basement. For larger items such as shovels and spades, you may want to invest in hooks you can hang up outside on your fence or in the garage.


The best rule of thumb is to make sure you’re not overloading your storage bin with tools so you can easily carry them outside to use. As such, investing in larger bins for tools you don’t use often and a smaller tote bag for common items like gardening gloves and hand trowels may be a viable option. There are plenty of storage boxes available you can browse that will be perfect for you.


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