Wed, 27th Jul, 2022

In this article, we go through all the different types of lawnmowers you can buy in Ireland. And which one will be right for you.

Everyone's desire is to have a neatly kept lawn outside. But that thought only becomes possible if someone's willing to put in the work. While getting that cleanly shaved lawn is strenuous work, getting the right lawnmower could be the difference in how easy or super challenging it could be. 

When it comes to getting an ideal lawnmower for your lawn, you can't afford to get it wrong. There are several lawn mowers in the market, with different specifications to meet a particular need. One specification includes that a thousand square meters of your lawn are approximately two to three kilometres walk. 

For most people, ease of use is a driving force when searching for the best mower. Others could be cost, while most require a mower with strong power to cover through the damp, rough, and long grass. Storage could be a determinant. Whatever it is, we have a few professional tips to help guide you when you step into the market for a new lawnmower. 


How to choose the Right Lawn Mower

Before we begin on tips, it's important to know the specification of the mower fit for your backyard. 

The best way to know is by determining the size of what you need. It is possible by dividing the mower deck by 12. This helps you understand the approximate acreage any mower can cover. 

If for a residential building, a mower with a 54-inch deck can cover up to 4.5 acres. That's a large area which could trigger a faster breakdown of the machine as you continuously use it. While this may serve as a tip, it should also narrow your search in the market. 


How long Should a Lawnmower last?

Depending on the care and use, a lawnmower should last at least 10 or more years. Manhandling this essential equipment could see its life shortened by half, usually 5-6 years. It doesn't matter if you do not use it or not, but if you overwork it, expect the tool to last only two years. 

Several factors determine how lo your mower can last. They include:

  • The type of grass you want to use it on. How long or short is the grass? A longer grass could affect the mower's motor and blade, causing you to change it. 
  • The number of times per week is another crucial factor determining your machine's longevity. If you use it three times within a week, it's a faster trigger for the device to spoil.
  • Your lawn's size is the last factor to take into consideration. The smaller the yard area, the higher your chances of preserving your mower machine. 


Tips for buying a new lawnmower

Here are some important tips to watch out for when setting out for a new lawnmower in the market. 


Grass Collection Box

A grass collecting mower helps make your work easier by collecting all clips in one box. Initially, most mowers did not come with this feature, making the work double since you have to use a rake to gather all the clippings. 

Now, there are different capacities available for a collection box. It is measured in litres, and the bigger sizes can save you the stress of going or coming from the compost heap. 

You have the choice of deciding whether this is for you or not. Using a grass collection box may deprive your grass of natural fertiliser. However, you would be responsible for multiple trips to and fro the heap dump without it. 


Different Cut Heights

How low you want the grass to be is another tip when considering which mower to purchase. A lawnmower with many cutting sizes is desirable to help you tweak the control however you want. This is incredibly necessary, especially since different seasons could be a determinant. 

During winter, drought, heat, and high temperatures, you should be able to adjust the mower blade to give room for more grass. Water-logged periods require a more rugged approach. You'd have to reduce it a bit to control flooding and promote easy drainage. 


Choosing Power Source

There are several types of mowers distinguished by their source of electricity. You can find some powered by petrol, electricity, or a cordless battery. 


Cordless Battery

A cordless battery mower could be ideal if you have a large lawn that needs trimming. This is necessary when a cord cannot cover the entire field, pushing you to get an additional cable or an extension box. This could be dangerous since the grass could be wet, and you don't want an interaction of electricity and water in the field.

However, this means less time to work on the field as you may need to change the batteries often. To some people, using a cordless battery allows them to work faster since they only need to change the battery and keep working.



Petrol lawnmowers offer a chamber where you can pour gasoline and use it to work through the lawn. It's also another form of the cordless mower and can help you cover large areas. A petrol mower is ideal if you have a wide yard and are scared of changing batteries. 

However, don't forget that you could litter the lawn with petrol if it should ever leak. 


Electric Mower

An electric lawnmower offers an intense advantage. Here, you don't need to change batteries or take a ride to the gas station to refill your gasoline can. Its cord provides a faster alternative since you only need to stay in front of the lawn, plug it in and begin work.

However, chances of the cord becoming spoilt since you have to stretch it across the lawn is possible. You may be unable to cover a long distance because the cord might be short. 



A lawnmower is a direct investment. Since the expected lifespan for an average lawnmower is 10 years or more, you must watch out for which machine will serve better. Choosing the right mower should not be a fast decision since there are factors involved that could affect the lifecycle of your appliance.