Polishing Bonnets

Our top-notch Polishing Bonnets deliver a showroom shine with minimal effort. Our selection is unrivaled, offering premium quality at unbeatable prices. These bonnets are crafted from superior materials, ensuring longevity and exceptional performance. Whether you're looking to renew your car’s appearance or maintain its glossy sheen, our polishing bonnets are the ideal solution. They dramatically reduce the time and effort typically required for hand scrubbing, providing a flawless finish swiftly and efficiently. Our range includes a variety of colors and sizes, enabling you to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Shipping Cost ?

At Carey Tools, enjoy free shipping on all orders over 75 euro. We strive to provide excellent value and service to our customers.

Is Delivery Available Throughout Ireland ?

Yes, we deliver across Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Our reliable delivery partners ensure your order arrives within 1 – 5 working days. Please consult our delivery notice on the website for up-to-date information before placing your order.

How to Choose the Best Polishing Bonnets?

Selecting the right polishing bonnets involves considering the material you'll be working on, the size of the bonnet, and your desired outcome. Our website's filter by budget or brand feature can help you find the ideal bonnets for your needs.

What is the Purpose of Polishing Bonnets?

Polishing bonnets are designed for removing wax and buffing surfaces to enhance their finish. It's crucial to use bonnets that are specifically designed for this purpose to avoid damaging surfaces, particularly car finishes.

What's the Difference Between Buffing and Polishing a Bonnet?

Buffing with a bonnet is aimed at removing swirl marks and scratches for a smoother surface but requires caution to prevent stripping material. Polishing, in contrast, is focused on achieving a high-quality shine, especially on surfaces that are already relatively smooth.

Can Polishing Bonnets Be Reused?

Yes, polishing bonnets are reusable. Over time, they accumulate spent compounds, polish, and paint residue. Cleaning them thoroughly, whether they are wool, microfiber, or foam, is best done using a dedicated pad washer.

Should Polishing Bonnets Be Dampened?

Dampening polishing bonnets is essential for flexibility and ease of use. The bonnet should be evenly moistened but not dripping wet or too lightly misted. Properly dampening enhances the bonnet's performance during polishing.