Regular Non-Sheepskin Tie-On Bonnets

Enhance your vehicle's shine with our premium Tie-On Bonnets - Regular Non-Sheepskin. A must-have for car enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining their vehicle's visual appeal, these bonnets are an integral part of any polishing set. Expertly crafted from high-grade materials, they attach seamlessly to your polishing tool, providing a safeguard against potential surface damage during the polishing process. Designed to eliminate scratches and imperfections, these tie-on bonnets ensure a consistently smooth and impeccable finish. Their easy-to-use nature allows you to effortlessly achieve that sought-after showroom gleam with minimal effort. Whether you're prepping for a special event or committed to regular vehicle care, these bonnets are your reliable partners in ensuring your car looks its best.

All Wool Bonnet 150mm (6in) All Wool Bonnet 150mm (6in)
Flexipads World Class 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 
All Wool Bonnet 180mm (7in) All Wool Bonnet 180mm (7in)
Flexipads World Class 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 
All Wool Bonnet 200mm (8in) All Wool Bonnet 200mm (8in)
Flexipads World Class 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 
All Wool Bonnet 225mm (9in) All Wool Bonnet 225mm (9in)
Flexipads World Class 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Shipping Costs Of Products?

Enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders over 75 euro, including our range of Products. This is part of our dedication to offering great value and service to our customers.

Is Delivery for Products Available Throughout Ireland?

Yes, we deliver Products to all parts of Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Our trusted delivery partners ensure that your order is delivered efficiently, usually within 1 – 5 working days. For the latest shipping information, please review our delivery notice before placing your order.

What Are Polishing Bonnets Used For?

Polishing bonnets are specifically designed for removing wax and buffing surfaces. It's important to use bonnets designed for this purpose to avoid damaging your car's finish.

Which Bonnet is Best for Applying Wax?

For wax application, the Flexipads World Class series offers top choices, including the FLE40110, FLE40115, and FLE40120 models. Each is crafted for efficient and even wax application, ensuring a superior finish.

Can Polishing Bonnets Be Reused?

Yes, polishing bonnets are reusable. Over time, they accumulate spent compound, polish, and paint residue. Cleaning them, whether they are wool, microfiber, or foam, is most effectively done using a dedicated pad washer.

Should Polishing Bonnets Be Wet or Dry?

While wet polishing bonnets are traditionally preferred for a better shine, advancements in dry pad technology have narrowed the gap significantly. The choice between wet or dry often depends on the specific location and requirements of your polishing task.