Regular Velcro Bonnets

If achieving a spotless, mirror-like shine on your vehicle is your goal, our Velcro Bonnets - Regular are an essential addition to your car maintenance collection. Crafted with the highest quality, these velcro bonnets are specifically designed for seamless attachment to your buffers and polishers. This ensures a uniform application of waxes and polishes, leading to an effortlessly achieved, stunning finish. The secure fit of our Velcro Bonnets - Regular allows you to apply the necessary pressure for polishing without the worry of slippage. This feature is crucial for ensuring a thorough and consistent gleam across every surface of your vehicle. Moreover, they are available in various colors, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your style preferences or to coordinate with different types of polishing substances.

GRIP® Wool Bonnet 80mm GRIP® Wool Bonnet 80mm
Flexipads World Class 
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GRIP® Wool Bonnet 200mm GRIP® Wool Bonnet 200mm
Flexipads World Class 
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GRIP® Wool Bonnet 150mm GRIP® Wool Bonnet 150mm
Flexipads World Class 
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GRIP® Wool Bonnet 135mm GRIP® Wool Bonnet 135mm
Flexipads World Class 
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TW-PT 80 Lambswool Polishing Pad 80mm TW-PT 80 Lambswool Polishing Pad 80mm
Flex Power Tools 
AVAILABLE ONLINE (7–10 working days delivery) 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Shipping Cost ?

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over 75 euro at Carey Tools. This is part of our dedication to delivering great value to our customers.

Is Delivery Available Throughout Ireland?

Yes, we deliver all over Ireland, including to Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Count on our trusted delivery partners for prompt delivery within 1 – 5 working days. Please refer to the delivery notice on our website for the latest information before ordering.

What Do Different Colored Polishing Pads Indicate?

Each color of polishing pad serves a specific purpose: green pads are ideal for deep scratches and hard lacquers, while grey pads are best for achieving extreme gloss on soft lacquers. Yellow pads offer more abrasive power, whereas white pads enhance gloss.

Should a Buffing Pad be Kept Wet?

It's important to keep the buffing pad moist. While the face of the pad stays wet due to the polish, the backside can dry out and become brittle, potentially leading to cracks, especially around the Velcro attachment.

Can Buffer Pads be Washed and Reused?

Yes, buffer pads can be easily rinsed or machine washed for reuse. Using a dedicated pad cleaner, like CARPRO MFX, helps effectively remove polish or wax residues, extending the pad's lifespan.

What is the Purpose of Pads on a Sander?

On a sander, the soft interface pad is placed between the backing plate and the abrasive disk. It's primarily used to ensure even sanding on contoured edges or detailed projects by creating a more flexible sanding surface.