Tue, 24th Jan, 2023

SDS drill bits are a drill bit specifically designed for drilling masonry. In particular, they are used with hammer drills and rotary hammers, which have a special "SDS" chuck that allows the drill bit to move in and out of the material being drilled quickly. This makes them ideal for drilling into materials such as stone, concrete, and brick. But what types of SDS drill bits are available? What can you use them for? And how do you choose the right one? Let’s take a look.


What Are SDS Drills?

SDS stands for “slotted drive system” and refers to the unique head design of SDS drill bits. The slotted design allows the drill bit to be quickly and easily inserted into the chuck of the drill, making it easier to change out bits and get to work faster.


SDS drill bits have a unique design that makes it easier to drill through hard and abrasive materials. The tips are carbide-tipped, meaning they are hard and durable, and the head is designed to allow for faster rotation and increased power. This makes them ideal for drilling through concrete, brick, stone, and other hard materials.


Types of SDS Drills

There are two main types of SDS drills:



SDS plus vs SDS max


The difference between these two is primarily based on size; SDS-Plus bits are smaller and typically used for light-duty drilling, while SDS-Max bits are larger and better suited for heavy-duty drilling. Other specialized types of SDS drill bits can be used in certain applications, such as tile or glass cutting bits. SDS Plus have a 10mm shank and SDS Max has an 18mm shank. This means that SDS Max bits have an increased capability for more brutal masonry work.



SDS Plus Drill Bits


SDS plus drill bits are the most common type of SDS drill bit and are designed for general purpose use. They are compatible with SDS plus drill/drivers and are great for drilling into concrete, brick, stone, and other hard materials.


SDS Max Drill Bits


SDS max drill bits are designed for heavy-duty applications and are compatible with SDS max drill/drivers. They are more powerful than SDS plus drill bits and are ideal for drilling through hard, abrasive materials like concrete and stone.


SDS-Tec Drill Bits


SDS-Tec drill bits are the newest type of SDS drill bit and are designed for maximum performance. They are compatible with SDS-Tec drill/drivers and are ideal for drilling through hard, abrasive materials like stone and concrete.



Type of Material


The type of material you’ll be drilling into will determine the type of SDS drill bit you need. If you’re drilling into hard materials like concrete and stone, you’ll need an SDS max drill bit. If you’re drilling into softer materials like wood and plastic, an SDS plus drill bit will do the job.




There are a few features and tips to look for when buying SDS drill bits. Look for drill bits with a carbide-tipped head for increased durability and longer life. If you’ll be drilling through hard materials, look for drill bits with a fluted design for increased power and faster drilling.


Uses for SDS Drill Bits

SDS drill bits can be used for various tasks, such as drilling holes in masonry walls or floors, creating anchor points in concrete slabs, and removing mortar joints during tuckpointing projects. They’re also great for creating new openings in existing masonry structures without damaging the surrounding material. Additionally, they can be used to create mounting points on concrete walls or floors for hanging shelves or other items.


Buying Guide

When it comes to buying an SDS drill, there are several factors to consider.

First, you'll need to determine which type (SDS-Plus vs S-Max) is best suited for your needs; if you’re doing light work around the home then an SDS-Plus bit should suffice but if you’re working on a large project then an S-Max bit may be more suitable.

Additionally, make sure that the bit you choose is rated for the appropriate material (e.g., stone vs concrete); most quality brands will specify this information on their packaging or website. Finally, it's essential to make sure that whatever brand you select offers good customer support; if something goes wrong with your purchase then it's always nice to know that someone has your back. Carey Tools stock the best brands at competitive prices.



Whether you're doing some light work around the house or tackling a large project at work - having the right kind of tool makes all the difference! When drilling into masonry materials like stone or concrete - nothing beats an SDS drill bit. Just remember to pick one that fits your job specifications and ensure it's rated appropriately so it won't break down when called upon.