Drill Bits - Masonry & SDS

We have a wide range of Masonry & SDS drill bits to choose from. Our bits are made with the latest technology and materials, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product. We know that finding the right drill bit can be difficult – that’s why we offer such a wide selection. You can find the perfect bit for any job, whether you’re drilling through masonry or metal. And our SDS drill bits are perfect for anyone who wants an extra level of power and precision. Buy your Masonry & SDS drill bits today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does shipping cost for drill bits?

Enjoy free shipping on drill bit orders over €75. We ship items quickly across Ireland.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver drill bits across Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Galway, and more. Orders typically arrive within 1-5 working days.

How do I pick the right drill bits?

Consider the material you'll be drilling when choosing bits. Carbide-tipped bits work well for masonry jobs. Browse our selection by budget or brand to find the best fit.

What are your top drill bit brands?

We supply professional-grade drill bit brands that are known for durability and precision. You'll find trusted names for masonry projects here.

Can I use masonry bits on other materials?

Masonry bits are designed for concrete and stone. While they can work on softer materials, for best results choose bits made for the specific material.

How do I extend my drill bit's life?

Clean bits after use, store them in a dry area, and sharpen as needed. Avoid pushing too hard when drilling to prevent early wear.

What safety gear should I use with masonry bits?

Always wear eye protection, a dust mask, and ear protection. Check for hidden wires or pipes before starting work.