Mon, 24th Oct, 2022

Do you have to deal with trees on your property? Or perhaps it's time to prune the lovely garden in your yard? Then you require a chainsaw. A chainsaw is also necessary if you own a wood stove and need to cut down trees on your property for fuel. According to research, chainsaws come in various sizes and have many features. This might make choosing the right model for your work challenging. It could be confusing if you've never owned a chainsaw and are eager to buy one for the first time. Considering various factors while choosing the saw that best suits your needs would be a great way to start. Go through the points in this guide to help you choose the best chainsaw to purchase.


Picking the Ideal Chainsaw

Contrary to our ancestors, who were less fortunate to see the development of mechanical technology, we are lucky to have access to various equipment today to help us with our cutting tasks. Along with the evolution of chainsaws came the introduction of strong batteries, lighter materials, etc. This evolution came with a need to choose appropriate chainsaws for the right task. Some factors determine how appropriate a chainsaw is for your specific task and why you should purchase a particular chainsaw. These factors need to be considered, and some of them are



What do you want to use the saw for exactly? An electric cordless saw is a perfect option if all you require it for is minor trimming and pruning in the garden. In contrast, you should use a gas-powered chainsaw if you need to cut down medium to big-sized trees or huge branches in forested regions. For instance, a small portable electric cordless saw would be perfect if you only needed to remove some light bush on your property, and you have to work in a small radius. Using a big gas saw in a small space would be difficult.


Engine Size

The engine capacity or motor size is another thing to consider when buying a chainsaw. Chainsaws come in a variety of engine sizes. The motor may be quantified in cubic centimetres, which is a very straightforward way to determine how much power it produces.  Chainsaws have engines ranging in size from 23cc - 120cc.  Chainsaws available at Carey Tools have standard engines ranging in size from 23cc to 120cc.  House owners should be looking at choosing sizes between 30cc to 45cc. Power measurements for electric chainsaw motors differ significantly from those for petrol saw engines. While the current battery-powered saws mostly use li-ion (lithium-ion) rechargeable batteries, the electric saw motor is measured in amps. The batteries are made to last up to three years; even if they are rarely used, they are still expected to degrade after that time.


Guide Bar Size

The guide bar's size, which reflects the actual sawing length, is determined by measuring it from the tip to the point where it emerges from the saw's power head. Chainsaw bars may range from 6 to 42 inches (106.68 cm), but most homeowners are unlikely to require anything more than a 2-inch bar. If operated correctly, a chainsaw is designed to cut wood twice as thick as its bar (a 30" bar can cut a 60" log). As expected, the saw can also cut a greater diameter in one pass when the bar is longer. As a general rule, the bar length must be 2 inches (5.08 cm) longer than the width of the wood log that you will cut in a single pass. A 20-inch knife blade will consequently be capable of cutting through an 18-inch log in one pass if the saw has sufficient power.  A smaller blade is in danger of “pinching,” which might result in a kickback.



Power Source

Determine the kind of chainsaw you require and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each kind. The chainsaws should be chosen per the jobs you have for them.

Cordless electric: Manufacturers that provide cordless tools should be considered, particularly if you're searching for something practical. These chainsaws are popular among homeowners because of how portable they are. You may need to recharge the battery more than once, as it might not last as long as you'd like. 

Petrol: If you're seeking efficiency, a petrol chainsaw is an ideal kind to purchase. It is ideal for those who frequently cut logs and are not keen on using corded chainsaws. Most petrol chainsaws are environmentally friendly and do not require much maintenance, making them a great option.

Corded: These devices are low-maintenance and silent. Compared to cordless and petrol chainsaws, they are also a more affordable choice. The drawback is that you must remain close to a power outlet to avoid severing the power cord.


Price and Budget

You shouldn't purchase chainsaws at excessive prices. It is wise to seek a provider with reasonable charges. You will have to pay a sizable sum if you want a chainsaw with a longer chain length, greater power, and a dependable, secure grip.  Also, note that popular brands may not always imply high calibre. You can learn about the top models at Carey Tools, companies, and deals by browsing the list.


Personal Experience

If this is a new power tool for you, think about selecting the ones with the least amount of power to get the task done.   Purchasing it can result in you carrying a heavier tool you are not used to without ever using the added power. You can pick from the entire selection if you are more experienced.




Finding the ideal chainsaw needs not be challenging. Choosing the proper size is what confuses folks the most. All you have to do is determine the work you must complete and carefully select the appropriate brand. Our article has helped put things into perspective when purchasing one. We expect you'll happily follow our advice when you go chainsaw shopping. Check out our range of chainsaws for sale here.