Drill Bits - Glass, Tile, Core & Diamond

Looking for a durable drill bit that can handle through tough surfaces? Glass, Tile, Core & Diamond drills are the perfect solution for your needs. Our bits are designed to be durable and long lasting so you can get the job done right. With our bits, you'll be able to easily drill through glass, tile, and other hard surfaces with ease. You won't have to worry about the drill bit slipping or breaking while in use. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with our products. Purchase your Glass, Tile, Core & Diamond drill bit today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How Fast Can I Get My Drill Bits Delivered?

We offer free shipping on drill bit orders over 75 euro. Expect delivery in 1-5 working days across Ireland - from Galway to Dublin!

Do You Ship Drill Bits To All Counties?

Yes! We deliver top drill bits for tile, glass, core drilling, and more to all counties in Ireland. Simply place your order online.

How Do I Pick the Perfect Drill Bit?

Consider the material, hole size needed, and bit types we offer. Filter products by budget or leading brand to match your project needs.

What Trusted Brands Are Available?

We stock precision drill bits from renowned brands so you can tackle tough materials confidently. Our selection delivers efficiency and durability.

Do I Need Specialized Bits for Glass or Tile?

Yes, smooth drilling into glass or tile requires drill bits designed specifically for those hard surfaces. Our bits prevent cracking for clean holes.

Can One Bit Drill Many Materials Well?

While some bits work on multiple materials, specialized bits optimally drill specific surfaces. Using the right bit prevents damage and ensures efficient drilling.