High Density Pads for Polishing

Our High Density Pads for Polishing are meticulously designed to deliver a superior level of sheen to your projects, making them indispensable for both dedicated hobbyists and seasoned professionals. The exceptional density of these pads provides an even and consistent application, making them versatile enough for a variety of materials, from metals to plastics. Crafted with longevity in mind, these pads stand the test of time, offering a dependable polishing option that maintains its integrity through repeated use. With a selection that spans different sizes, you’re afforded the flexibility to choose the ideal match for your task, ensuring optimal polish every time. Whether you’re seeking a flawless mirror finish or simply wish to rejuvenate the natural shine of your items, our high-density polishing pads are key to achieving your desired outcome. Add these to your collection and notice an immediate enhancement in your finishing work. Secure your high-density polishing pads now and bring a professional edge to your endeavours.
PSX-G 60 VE2 Polishing Sponge PSX-G 60 VE2 Polishing Sponge
Flex Power Tools 
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PS-V 60 VE2 Polishing Sponge PS-V 60 VE2 Polishing Sponge sold out
Flex Power Tools 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Shipping Cost ?

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over 75 euro at Carey Tools. We aim to provide exceptional value and convenience to our customers.

Is Delivery Available Throughout Ireland ?

Yes, we provide nationwide delivery, covering areas like Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Trust our reliable delivery partners to ensure your parcel arrives within 1 – 5 working days. Please review our delivery notice on the website for current information before ordering.

Which Polishing Pad is the Most Aggressive?

Wool pads are generally the most aggressive option, particularly suitable for rotary polishers. They excel in removing heavy defects but may leave behind abrasions or holograms that require further refinement.

Which Pad is Ideal for Polishing?

Foam pads are optimal for the buffing stage, especially during the final touches, due to their gentle nature. Wool pads are better for removing deep scratches and dirt, but for a flawless finish, a foam pad is recommended in the latter stages of polishing.

Is It Necessary to Condition Polishing Pads?

Yes, maintaining and priming your polishing pads is crucial. Neglecting pad maintenance can lead to additional damage during the polishing process, making your task more challenging and potentially causing extra marring.