Nail & Staple Guns

Empower Your Fastening Tasks with Our Electric Nail Guns. Explore the efficiency of cordless fastening with our selection of nail guns, including staple and electric nail guns, perfect for a variety of projects in Ireland and beyond. These tools provide the ease of use and agility necessary for both professional and personal tasks. With no cords to restrict movement, you can work unimpeded for a smoother, more productive workflow. Whether you're in need of a staple gun for upholstery or an electric staple gun for precise fastening, our range has you covered. For those looking for robust fastening solutions, our electric nail guns are a click away. Purchase your nail gun online today and take a step towards streamlined, powerful fastening.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is shipping?

At Carey Tools, we offer FREE shipping when you spend over 75 euros on all our tools & equipment

Do you provide delivery all over Ireland?

Yes, we use reliable delivery partners which means that you should receive your parcel within 1 – 5 working days.

How do pneumatic nail guns work compared to battery or gas powered nail guns?

Pneumatic nail guns use an air compressor for power, while battery-powered nail guns rely on rechargeable batteries and gas-powered nail guns use a fuel cell and battery. Each type suits different job needs.

What maintenance does a nail gun require?

Regular maintenance for nail guns includes cleaning, lubricating moving parts, checking for wear, and replacing worn components. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for specific routines and schedules.

What projects are nail guns most useful for?

They are ideal for fastening materials in framing, roofing, siding, finishing, and flooring, and for repetitive nailing where manual hammering is inefficient.

What protective gear should you wear when operating a nail gun?

Wear safety glasses, ear protection, heavy-duty gloves, and depending on the environment, a hard hat or dust mask for full protection when using a nail gun.