Inspection Cameras

Enhance Your Diagnostic Work with Inspection Cameras. Tackle diagnostics in tight spots with confidence using our top-of-the-line inspection cameras, the go-to tool for a thorough examination in Ireland. These cameras are not only robust and capable of withstanding challenging environments, but they also boast a suite of features designed for comprehensive tooling inspection. Gain a clear view in the most confined spaces, capturing everything in fine detail. Our inspection cameras, versatile and equipped with various attachments, are suited for a broad spectrum of applications. Streamline your inspection process – Browse our category to order your inspection camera in Ireland today and ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is shipping?

At Carey Tools, we offer FREE shipping when you spend over 75 euros on all our tools & equipment

Do you provide delivery all over Ireland?

Yes, we use reliable delivery partners which means that you should receive your parcel within 1 – 5 working days.

How do you decide which inspection camera is right for your needs?

Consider the environment of use, required detail level, area accessibility, and additional features like wireless connectivity or advanced imaging. Also, factor in your budget and frequency of use.

What types of places and objects can you inspect with these cameras?

They are used for various places and objects, like pipes, drains, behind walls, inside engines, and other hard-to-reach areas, useful in plumbing, electrical work, construction, and automotive repair.

How do I choose the best inspection cameras and locators?

Choose based on your project's needs, considering factors like environment, camera size and weight, imaging type, and narrow down your options by budget or brand.

What brands do you supply

We offer high-quality brands like RIDGID and Milwaukee, ensuring top-tier equipment for your requirements.