Safety Tags

Prioritising safety in your workspace? Carey Tools introduces its meticulously curated range of safety tags. Addressing the pivotal role of equipment safety, our ladder tag kits are essential for maintaining safety checks. These kits, available in comprehensive sets, enable efficient tracking, ensuring each ladder's safety status is up-to-date. Seeking a specialised solution? Our tag tool hire selection ensures that tools on lease are compliant with safety regulations, embedding confidence in every task. With clear instructions accompanying each kit, the transition to a safer work environment becomes seamless. It’s more than just tags; it's our commitment to your well-being. Streamlined in design, potent in function - they’re not merely accessories but instrumental in accident prevention. Elevate your workspace's safety standards; trust in Carey Tools' safety tags. Purchase today and pioneer a proactive approach to safety.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Shipping Cost for Safety Tags?

If you're looking to reinforce safety with tags, we're here to support. At Carey Tools, should you spend over 75 euro on any of our quality tools & equipment, including those pivotal Safety Tags, the delivery is on us. That's right, FREE shipping.

I'm Based in Ireland. Can I Receive Safety Tags Here?

Of course! Whether it's the hustle and bustle of Dublin, the scenic views of Cork, or the lively streets of Galway, we've got Ireland covered. Our dependable delivery partners ensure your safety tags reach you in prime condition within 1 – 5 working days. Before you place that order, don't forget to check our delivery notice on the website for any real-time updates.

With So Many Options, How Do I Pick the Right Safety Tags?

Great question! Picking the right safety tags is all about understanding your needs. Consider where you'll use them and the specific safety message you want to convey. Need tags that withstand the elements? Look for durable, weather-resistant options. If you're after ladder-specific tags, our ladder tag kits might be just the ticket. And remember, you can always narrow down your search on our website by budget or brand. We've got a tag for every task.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tag Tool Hire?

Tag tool hire systems offer flexibility and efficiency. By using tags, you can keep track of your tools, know when they were last inspected, and ensure they're fit for use. It's an extra layer of safety for both the tradesperson and the tool. Plus, it can save you time and money in the long run by avoiding any mishaps due to faulty equipment.

Are Ladder Tag Kits Worth the Investment?

Absolutely. Ladder tag kits provide a clear system to indicate the last inspection date and whether a ladder is safe to use. In a tradesperson's world, a simple tag can prevent potential accidents. When you factor in the safety and peace of mind they bring, ladder tag kits are a worthwhile investment.