Steam Cleaners & Floor Polishers

For a pristine finish every time, trust Carey Cleaning Machines to deliver the gold standard in floor care solutions. Dive into our array of top-tier floor polishers and steam cleaners, engineered precisely for your commercial and industrial needs. Whether managing a bustling business or a vast factory, our machines are crafted to handle any magnitude of task. Every tile steam cleaner rental and product in our catalogue boasts not just efficient performance but also impressive longevity, ensuring consistent reliability even in demanding environments. And should you have any queries or need guidance, the dedicated team at Carey Cleaning Machines stands ready to assist, ensuring you make the best-informed decision. Choose excellence. Choose durability. Opt for Carey Cleaning Machines' floor steam cleaners and polishers. Begin your journey towards impeccable floors by browsing our selection today.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the Deal with Shipping on Steam Cleaners and Floor Polishers?

At Carey Tools, our commitment to providing value is paramount. This is why, for orders over 75 euro, shipping is on the house. This covers our entire range, from Carey cleaning machines, steam cleaners to those nifty floor polishers. Quality and convenience, all in one package.

Is Nationwide Delivery an Option for Floor Steam Cleaners?

Indeed, it is. Whether you're sprucing up a space in Dublin, refreshing floors in Cork, or doing a deep clean in Galway, we've got you sorted. Our dependable delivery partners ensure that your tile steam cleaner rental or purchase reaches you within 1 – 5 working days. For an accurate delivery estimate, give our delivery notice a quick glance before you finalise your order.

Help! How Do I Pick the Right Floor Polisher or Steam Cleaner?

We get it – with so many options, making a choice can feel overwhelming. Start by assessing the size and type of area you're tackling. For larger areas or commercial spaces, robust floor polishers might be ideal. On the other hand, for tile or grout cleaning, a dedicated tile steam cleaner rental could be your best bet. For personalized solutions, filter products on Carey Tools by your budget or preferred brand.

Are Your Steam Cleaners Suitable for Wooden Floors?

Certain steam cleaners in our range are perfect for sealed wooden floors. However, it's crucial to always check the manufacturer's guidelines. Wood can be sensitive to moisture, so it's always better to be safe. If in doubt, give us a shout; we're here to help.

Do You Offer Maintenance or Repairs for Floor Polishers?

Yes, at Carey Tools, we're not just about selling. Our commitment extends beyond, offering maintenance and repair services to ensure your equipment runs smoothly. Whether it's a Carey cleaning machine or another brand, our team of experts is trained to handle a myriad of issues.