Tile Scorers

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Tile Scribe Tile Scribe
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Tile Scriber Tile Scriber
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Hand DIY Tile Cutter TCT Tipped Hand DIY Tile Cutter TCT Tipped
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Double Tip Scribe Double Tip Scribe
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Tile Scorer Tile Scorer
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What are tile scorers?

Tile scorers, also known as tile cutters, are tools used to score ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles before breaking them along the scored line. They are designed to create a clean, straight cut without the need for using a saw or other power tools.

Can tile scorers cut through all types of tiles?

Tile scorers are most effective at cutting through ceramic and porcelain tiles, but they can also be used on glass tiles. However, it's important to note that thicker or harder tiles may require a more heavy-duty tile scorer or the use of a wet saw.

How do I use a tile scorer?

To use a tile scorer, first, measure and mark the tile where you want to make the cut. Then, place the tile scorer on the mark and press down firmly while moving the tool along the line. This will create a score on the top surface of the tile. Next, position the tile on the edge of a table or work surface, with the scored line aligned with the edge. Finally, press down on the tile's uncut section, and the tile should break cleanly along the scored line.

What features should I look for when buying a tile scorer?

When buying a tile scorer, consider the size and thickness of the tiles you will be cutting, as well as the frequency of use. Look for a scorer with a durable blade made of tungsten carbide, as well as a comfortable handle that provides a good grip. Additionally, some tile scorers may feature a measuring guide or adjustable guide rails for making precise cuts.