Chemical Fixings

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What are chemical fixings?

Chemical fixings are a type of construction fastener used to secure building materials to each other or to a substrate. These fixings work by using a chemical adhesive to bond the materials together instead of relying on mechanical means like screws or nails.

What materials can chemical fixings be used on?

Chemical fixings can be used on a variety of materials including concrete, masonry, brick, and stone. They can also be used on hollow materials like hollow concrete blocks and brickwork.

How do I choose the right chemical fixing?

Choosing the right chemical fixing depends on the materials being fastened together and the type of load that will be applied. For heavy-duty applications, high-strength chemical fixings like epoxy or polyester resins may be needed. For lighter loads, fast-setting adhesives like acrylic or hybrid resins may be sufficient.

Can chemical fixings be used for outdoor applications?

Yes, there are chemical fixings designed specifically for outdoor applications. These fixings are typically made with specially formulated adhesives that can withstand exposure to weather and environmental conditions.