GearKlamp GK Transmission Clamp Capacity 150mm

Brand: Bessey      Code: BESGK15

GearKlamp GK Transmission Clamp Capacity 150mm
Price: €33.30 (ex. VAT)

This BESSEY GearKlamp GK Transmission Clamp has the following specification:

Opening: 150mm
Throat Depth: 60mm
Clamping Force: 2,000N
Rail Section: Width: 25mm, Thickness: 12mm
Weight: 0.62kg (Approx.)

The BESSEY GearKlamp GK offers the perfect solution for conveniently clamping work even in the tightest spaces. BESSEY's patented design separates the handle from the spindle and positions it around the rail. The GearKlamp's force is transferred due to the concealed internal gear mechanism in the sliding jaw.

The V-grooves on the upper section securely hold round, pointed and angular components. Its design is more compact than classic screw clamps, lever clamps and one-handed clamps. Fitted with a 2-component soft grip handle that offers superb comfort and a quick-release button for fast adjustment and release. A swivel pressure plate and protective caps protect the work piece.