Flat Packers Mixed Bag 120

Brand: Broadfix      Code: BFXBSP120

Flat Packers Mixed Bag 120
Price: €8.75 (ex. VAT)

The Broadfix Flat Packers Mixed Bag has the following specification:

Size: 100 x 28mm, Thickness: 1-6mm.
Number of Pieces: 120 Pieces Total (20 each of 1-6mm).

The Broadfix Flat Packers have been manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material. As they are made from plastic they will not swell, shrink or rot, they are completely waterproof.

Capable of withstanding higher compressive loads than traditional timber flat packers. This also makes them more economical. They are colour coded depending on size, for easy identification.

Sometimes referred to as a glazing packer or shim, and is a great multi-purpose shim. They are ideal for narrower shimming jobs. Stack to the required depth, slide in and you're done. The micro ridged surface prevents slippage under load.