Wed, 24th Aug, 2022

Everyone is talking about the transition from corded to cordless power tools, as well as the technological advances being made to sustain extended run-time. While the invention of cordless power tools may appear to be new, the first cordless power tool was created in 1961 by Black & Decker. Since then, significant improvements have been made to cordless power tools, particularly the batteries that power them. From nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries to the current Lithium-Ion powered battery, several components in cordless power tool batteries have improved. In addition to advancements in the battery's design, users are becoming more knowledgeable about how batteries function and how to effectively care for them to guarantee longevity.


6 Best Ways To Maximize Tool Battery Life


Whether a contractor utilizes their cordless power tool daily or just uses a particular tool a few times a year, it is crucial to know how to care for the batteries in these tools so that they last a long time and protect the investment.

Here are six great tips for maximizing power tool battery life:


1. Keep It Away From Extreme Temperatures.

When considering battery health, keep in mind that severe temperature change, particularly intense heat, is the enemy. Users should constantly strive to keep the battery cool and never store it in locations where it could overheat. Batteries possess minimum and maximum temperatures that they can attain before getting significantly damaged. For Bosch Power Tools 18V batteries, its minimum temperature is -4 degrees Fahrenheit while its maximum temperature is 175 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures should be avoided because severe temperatures can impair battery power or lifetime. For example, when working outside on a project, avoid leaving it in full sunlight for long periods, and don't leave the power tool and its batteries in the car on a hot day. Furthermore, if the battery overheats due to usage, a particular internal temperature may be necessary before charging can commence. Bosch's 18V Lithium Ion batteries, for example, require an internal temperature of around 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Before trying to charge batteries, users should remove them from direct sunlight and heat, and keep them in a cool, dry place.


2. Avoid Exposing Batteries To Moisture.

Tool batteries and moisture do not mix. This includes using cordless tools in wet conditions and keeping the battery or tool in a place where it could become wet. Working with the battery in a few drops of rain isn't a problem, but working in a constant downpour might create electric shock and damage both the tool and the battery. Storing a loose battery in a wet, humid environment may cause its terminals to rust, making it more difficult to charge the battery. Moisture can also get into the battery case and permanently damage it. Don't use a battery that has been immersed in water or has evidence of moisture damage.


3. Maintain The Best Charging Routine

The third factor to consider while increasing battery life is the charging system. Users should select a charger that has charging modes that are appropriate for their run time requirements, whether it is a regular charging speed or a kind of quick charge mode.Users on the worksite who quickly deplete the batteries in their cordless equipment may require a quick recharge to continue working. This is when a charger with a quick charge option can come in handy to quickly get the battery back to a 50% capacity without reducing the battery's health and life over time. However, it is recommended that you only use a stronger charger if your usage demands it, as faster charging speed, like more frequent charging, puts more strain on the battery.


4. Make Use Of Storage Mode

A storage mode is a particular feature found on some power tool battery chargers that facilitate charging a battery to an optimal level before preserving a power tool for a prolonged length of time. Users can actively monitor and charge their battery to 40-50% by checking the charge gauge if a charger with this feature is not available for the tool. A charge level of 40-50% is ideal for a cordless power tool battery that'll be stored for a few months.


5. Stop Charging After A Short Period Of Use

You know how some individuals get the desire to go to the gas station as immediately as the needle dips slightly? Many power tool users experience the same problem. They can't stand the thought of their tool (or any gadget for that matter) slipping below 70%. As a result, they frequently only recharge after a brief period of use. This should be avoided because it reduces battery life.


6. Choose The Correct Battery

Finally, it is critical to select the appropriate battery suitable for the application and power tool. Choosing a lesser capacity battery, such as a 4.0 Ah or 8.0 Ah, for a high-power tool will necessitate frequent charging and reduce the battery's life expectancy. For example, if a contractor is overhead drilling into concrete with a 4.0 Ah battery and making a lot of holes, the lesser capacity battery will drain quickly, necessitating a regular recharge.



While using cordless power tools, users must keep in mind that the freedom to move around a job site entails the use of the battery, which requires special attention. They will last for a long time if we charge the batteries correctly, pay careful attention to heat management, and use them for their intended purpose. It's also difficult to know who to trust when it comes to purchasing reliable tools, and even more difficult to find the correct products. That's where we come in. Carey Tools is the place to go if you're searching for a one-stop shop for all of your power tool and hand tool needs. We offer the tools you need to get the job done well, whether you're a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself enthusiast. And because we are an authorized dealer for all of the brands we represent, you can be confident that you are receiving the best tools and guidance available.

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