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Gardening is a hobby that requires the right tools to ensure efficient and successful outcomes.

Garden power tools provide the necessary power to complete tasks quickly and easily.

This guide provides an overview of the different types of garden power tools, buying tips, and safety considerations.

It covers lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, weed burners, and other tools, making it the ultimate guide for anyone looking to purchase garden power tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Garden power tools make gardening tasks easier and more efficient.
  • Choosing the right garden power tools can result in better gardening outcomes.
  • Regular maintenance and care of garden power tools is important for their longevity.
  • Safety precautions should be taken when using garden power tools.

Garden Power Tools Guide

Garden power tools can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for gardening tasks and can result in better gardening outcomes.

To ensure the best results, it is important to consider the power source, size and weight, safety features, brand reputation, and budget when selecting garden power tools.

Maintenance and care is also essential, such as regularly cleaning, checking, and lubricating the tools, as well as storing them in a dry and secure place.

Lastly, safety should be a priority, with appropriate protective gear and following the manufacturer's instructions.


When shopping for a lawnmower, the first thing to consider is the size of your lawn. Smaller lawns under a quarter acre can get by with a simple electric or battery-powered push mower. An excellent option in this category could be the BEMW451 Electric Lawnmower 32cm 1200W 240V, referred to for its power-packed and easy maneuverability.

For more extensive outdoors, those exceeding half an acre, the robust power of gas-powered riding mowers becomes necessary. A great choice in our range for heavy-duty work is the DCMW564P2 XR Brushless Lawnmower 18V 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion, renowned for its exceptional performance and sturdiness.

Mid-sized lawns present their unique requirements as well. A touch of strength to tackle thick grass while ensuring the ease of movement is what you need. The self-propelled DLM432CT2 LXT Lawnmower 43cm 36V (2 x 18V) 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion from our collection might just be the perfect fit, offering an optimal blend of power and convenience.

The other key factors are cutting width, engine power, and special features. Wider decks like 21 or 22 inches will cut more grass in each pass compared to smaller 18-inch models. Look for durable metal decks over plastic. Engine power is measured in cc’s, with more cc’s equating to more torque for thick grass. And features like variable speeds, height adjustments, and mulching/bagging options add convenience.

With proper routine maintenance like oil changes, blade sharpening, and cleaning, a quality gas or electric mower should last 5-10 years or more. Investing in a reputable brand known for reliability, like those available at Carey Tools, will ensure you get the most out of your mower purchase.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are an essential garden power tool for maintaining tidy hedges. When selecting a hedge trimmer, consider the size of your hedging and whether you need a corded electric, battery powered or petrol model.

Corded and cordless electric hedge trimmers are ideal for smaller urban gardens. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver into tight spaces. Variable speed triggers give you control over the trimming. Cordless models run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, providing freedom from cords.

For larger hedges, petrol hedge trimmers pack more power. Two-stroke engines deliver high torque to cut through thick branches. Anti-vibration handles and harnesses make it easier to control these heavier tools. Look for models with shoulder straps to take the strain off your arms during extended use.

Safety features are paramount, so check for covered blades and hand protection. High quality, hardened steel blades will stay sharp longer. Some trimmers allow you to adjust the blade angle for precision cutting.

With the right hedge trimmer, you’ll keep your garden hedges neat and tidy. Consider your needs in terms of hedge size, power source and features. Investing in a quality tool will make maintaining your hedges easy and safe for years to come.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are a must-have for outdoor cleaning and maintenance. They utilize water pressure to remove dirt, mold, grime and debris from surfaces like concrete, brick, and wood. Pressure washers come in electric and gas-powered models.

Electric pressure washers offer a cordless, quieter, and more lightweight option. They are ideal for small jobs like patio furniture, sidewalks, and vinyl siding. Electric pressure washers typically have less power but more portability than gas models. Look for one with at least 1,300 PSI for typical outdoor cleaning tasks.

Gas pressure washers deliver more power and mobility for larger jobs. They are a good choice for cleaning driveways, decks, houses and other big surfaces. Gas pressure washers can reach up to 4,000 PSI for heavy duty cleaning. Opt for one with a reputable engine brand like Honda or Briggs & Stratton. Also look for large wheels for easier maneuverability.

Safety should be the top priority when using a pressure washer. Always read the owner's manual and wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, and closed-toe shoes. Take care not to get too close to the surface to avoid damage. Move slowly and evenly during cleaning. With proper use, pressure washers are an efficient way to refresh outdoor living spaces.

Leaf Blowers & Garden Vacuums

A well-maintained garden not only looks great but can increase the value of your property. However, keeping on top of garden maintenance without the right tools can be time-consuming and tiresome. Investing in quality garden power tools allows you to work smarter, not harder when it comes to yard work.

Leaf blowers and garden vacuums are must-have tools for quick and easy garden cleanup. Leaf blowers use powerful air streams to blow away garden debris from paths, lawns and flower beds. Meanwhile, garden vacuums suck up leaves and other litter using impellers and collection bags. This makes short work of clearing leaves, grass cuttings and other garden waste.

When shopping for leaf blowers and garden vacs, consider the following:

  • Power source - Electric, cordless battery or petrol options each have advantages. Electric provides unlimited runtime while petrol has the most power. Cordless offers portability without cables.
  • Size and design - Handheld or backpack units are available in different sizes to suit your needs. Wheeled models add manoeuvrability.
  • Features - Variable power and speed settings, blower/vacuum conversion kits and other features add versatility.

Investing in a quality electric, cordless or petrol leaf blower or garden vacuum from a reputable brand ensures you have the right tools to maintain your garden with ease. 


Chainsaws are a gardener's best friend when it comes to cutting and pruning trees and thick brush. Petrol, electric, and battery-powered models each offer advantages depending on your needs.

When choosing a chainsaw, think about how often you'll use it and for what tasks. A small electric chainsaw is perfect for occasional limb trimming while a powerful petrol model can fell trees and clear brush. Match the bar length to the size of wood you'll be cutting. Extend your reach with a pole saw attachment for high branches.

Look for brands known for safety, reliability, and ease of use. Features like chain brakes, anti-vibration handles, and automatic oiling systems make the job easier. Invest in high-quality protective gear like gloves, boots, chaps, goggles and noise-reducing headphones. Take time to learn proper chainsaw techniques before tackling big jobs.

With the right chainsaw and safety precautions, you can prune trees, cut firewood, and clear unwanted scrub from your property. A chainsaw is a sound investment for any homeowner with lots of yardwork. Do your research, choose the right tool for your needs, and take care of your new chainsaw so it takes care of you.

Garden Shredders

A garden shredder is an invaluable tool for any gardener looking to efficiently manage yard waste. Shredding leaves, small branches, and other debris reduces their volume, allowing for easier composting or disposal. For gardens that produce a lot of plant matter, a shredder can be a real game changer.

Shredders come in electric, gas-powered, and even battery-operated models. The right one for you depends on your needs and budget. Electric shredders provide quiet, clean operation but require an outdoor power source. Gas shredders offer more power and mobility at the expense of some noise and emissions. Battery shredders provide the ultimate in portable convenience for small jobs.

Once you've chosen the right shredder, you'll enjoy several benefits:

  • Speed up composting. Shredding leaves and branches breaks them down, increasing surface area for microbes and decomposition. This kickstarts your compost, creating rich fertilizer faster.
  • Mulch pathways and beds. A thick layer of shredded leaves or bark makes an attractive, weed-suppressing mulch for garden beds and pathways. Shredders let you create custom mulch from your own yard waste.
  • Reduce yard waste. Shredding condenses piles of leaves, trimmings, and sticks into a fraction of their original volume. This makes it easier to compost on site or haul debris away. Less yard waste means less work for you.
  • Improve soil texture. Incorporating shredded leaves into garden beds adds valuable organic matter. This improves moisture retention, drainage, and nutrient availability in the soil.
  • Create seed-starting mix. The light, fluffy texture of shredded leaves is ideal for starting seeds and cuttings. Simply mix shredded leaves with compost and a bit of sand for a soilless propagation medium.

Investing in a quality garden shredder yields benefits for years to come. Don't struggle with mountains of yard debris.

Strimmers & Brush Cutters

Strimmer and brush cutters are indispensable for keeping your lawn edges and overgrown areas neat and tidy. Strimmer, also called weed trimmers or weed whackers, use nylon lines or blades to trim grass and weeds around the perimeter of your lawn and landscaped beds. Meanwhile, brush cutters have a more heavy-duty metal blade that can take down small saplings, thick brush and woody weeds.

When selecting a strimmer or brush cutter, consider the size of your yard and what type of vegetation you need to clear. Cordless battery-powered models provide freedom of movement and quiet operation for small urban gardens. Corded electric strimmers offer unlimited runtime for larger properties. For clearing large areas on acreages, a petrol strimmer or brush cutter provides the most power.

Look for key features like an adjustable auxiliary handle, quick line feed and auto-stop carbon brushes on electric models. Opt for larger cutting swaths and bike handlebars on petrol strimmers and brush cutters to save time on big jobs. Always wear protective gear like goggles, heavy pants and boots when operating power trimmers and cutters.

Cultivators & Tillers

Cultivators and tillers are indispensable tools for preparing garden beds and maintaining healthy soil. These gas or electric-powered tools efficiently break up compacted earth, remove weeds, and mix in fertilizers or compost. Home gardeners can choose from a range of cultivator and tiller models to suit their needs:

  • Small electric cultivators are lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces like flower or vegetable beds. They quickly churn up soil without the noise and fumes of gas-powered tools.
  • Gas-powered front-tine tillers are ideal for breaking new ground and working soil to planting depth. Their rotating tines pulverize tough soils and roots.
  • Rear-tine tillers offer more power to bust through compacted soils. Their back tines give better control for precise tilling depth.
  • Stand-on cultivators allow gardeners to walk behind the tiller and cover more ground efficiently.
  • When preparing beds, it's important not to over-till soil and damage its structure. Passing through just 2-3 times with the tines set at 6-8 inches should adequately break up and aerate most soils. With the right cultivator or tiller, gardeners can easily keep their beds weed-free and promote optimal plant growth.

Garden Multi-Tools

Multi-tools are an increasingly popular choice among gardeners, offering a variety of functionalities in a single device. These tools commonly include a trimmer, a hedge trimmer, a pruner, and a cultivator, among other attachments. They can be powered by electricity, battery, or petrol, depending on the model.

They are lightweight and easy to use, and often come with adjustable handles for added comfort. Multi-tools are a great choice for gardeners who need to perform multiple tasks in a limited amount of time. They are durable and offer a great value for money.

Garden Shears

Garden shears are handheld cutting tools ideal for detailed trimming and shaping of plants. With the right pair of shears, you can make clean, accurate cuts on flowers, shrubs, small branches and more.

Manual models allow maximum control and precision. The scissor-like design has short blades that let you get into tight spaces. This makes them perfect for deadheading flowers, harvesting herbs and shaping ornamental plants.

Powered shears take the effort out of repetitive cutting tasks. Electric and battery-powered options have longer blades that quickly slice through branches up to half an inch thick. Cordless models offer the freedom to trim anywhere.

Key benefits of garden shears:

  • Clean Cuts - Sharp, short blades provide accurate cuts without crushing stems. This promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Increased Safety - Powered models are safer for cutting small branches thanks to their longer blades and added leverage.
  • Reach - Compact size and short blades allow access to confined spots regular pruners can't.
  • Reduced Fatigue - Electric/battery-powered options eliminate the manual exertion of cutting.

For detail-oriented gardeners, a good set of shears is essential. Whether manual or powered, they enable meticulous pruning and shaping vital for a visually appealing landscape. Add a pair to your tool kit for convenience and precision.

Garden Sprayers

A garden sprayer is one of the most versatile tools for the avid gardener. Whether you're battling pests, feeding plants, or simply cleaning up, a quality sprayer makes tending to your garden easier and more efficient.

Garden sprayers come in a range of styles, sizes, and power sources to suit any gardening need. Handheld sprayers provide precision targeting for small gardens. Backpack sprayers allow you to cover more ground while keeping your hands free. For larger properties, a tow-behind or push sprayer on wheels delivers the power and capacity to care for acres of landscape with minimal effort.

When selecting a garden sprayer, consider how much liquid it holds, the type of pump or power source, and the adjustable nozzle settings. Look for durable construction from quality materials like plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. This ensures the sprayer will last through seasons of regular use.

The real beauty of a garden sprayer is the multitude of tasks it can tackle. Properly applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers is crucial for plant health. A sprayer allows you to coat all surfaces of leaves, stems and soil evenly and efficiently. It also enables precise targeting of problem areas without drenching or damaging the surrounding plants.

Whether you need to treat fungal infections, battle weed growth, or give your veggies a nutrient boost, a quality garden sprayer is up to the task. With the simple pull of a trigger, you can quickly care for your entire garden and keep it thriving all season long. Don't wait until issues arise - a reliable sprayer ready for action is an essential for every gardener.

Compost Tumblers

Compost tumblers provide a convenient way to make compost quickly for your garden. Unlike traditional compost piles, tumblers create the ideal conditions for rapid decomposition. Here’s how compost tumblers work and the benefits they offer:

Compost tumblers are enclosed drums that you fill with compost materials, then turn periodically. The tumbling action aerates the contents, allowing air to circulate through the compost. This speeds up the natural decay process. It also mixes and blends the materials together.

Tumblers have many advantages over open compost bins:

  • Increased oxygen. Tumbling the drum gives you control over aeration. More air leads to faster decomposition.
  • Contained system. The drum enclosure keeps pests out and odors contained. No more critters digging through the compost or unpleasant smells.
  • Compact size. Tumblers don’t take up much space. Their vertical design is perfect for small yards.
  • Ease of turning. A simple turn of the drum mixes up the contents, without having to manually dig and stir with a fork.
  • Faster results. The improved aeration and mixing can produce finished compost in 4-6 weeks. Much faster than traditional piles.

Compost tumblers come in different drum capacities and designs. Some are rotated manually, while others use electric motors. Whichever style you choose, a tumbler can help you easily produce batch after batch of rich, organic compost for your garden.

Weed Burners

Weed burners provide a chemical-free way to quickly get rid of weeds in small areas like driveways, patios, and walkways. These handy tools use a focused flame to destroy weeds down to the root.

Operating a weed burner is straightforward. Simply direct the flame at the base of the weed for a few seconds until it wilts and chars. The intense heat destroys the plant without damaging the surrounding area.

Weed burners offer several benefits:

  • Fast and effective weed removal without chemicals
  • Portable and easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Safe when used carefully on inorganic surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly compared to weed killers

Take safety precautions by keeping the flame away from anything flammable and supervising children and pets during use. With some care, weed burners can be an efficient, eco-friendly way to eliminate weeds.

Watering Systems

Installing an irrigation system takes the hassle out of garden watering. These convenient setups provide consistent moisture on demand, resulting in robust, vibrant plants.

Garden irrigation offers many advantages over manual watering:

  • Conserve water by preventing overwatering and runoff
  • Customizable to provide the right amount of water for each plant's needs
  • Reduce disease by keeping foliage dry
  • Save time by eliminating daily watering chores
  • Automate watering even while away

With minimal effort, watering systems keep gardens lush and reduce wasted water. Well-hydrated plants are healthier and more resistant to pests and diseases. Home irrigation controllers and timers make it easy to customize watering schedules for peak garden performance.

Buying Tips for Garden Power Tools

When purchasing garden power tools, consider the size of your garden and what tasks you need the tools for. Factor in maintenance needs, as regularly cleaning and oiling tools helps them last longer. Also consider storage - store tools somewhere safe, secure and dry to avoid rust and damage. Finally, check warranties and customer reviews to ensure you choose quality tools.

Consider your garden size

The size of the garden should be taken into account when selecting garden power tools. Garden power tools come in a variety of sizes, suitable for different lawns and other areas of the garden. For example:

  • Lawnmowers: from small electric models to large petrol-powered machines.
  • Hedge trimmers: from electric to petrol models.
  • Leaf blowers: from small electric models to large petrol-powered machines.
  • Chainsaws: from electric to battery-powered and petrol models.

Gardeners should choose the right size and power source for their needs.

Factor in tool maintenance

Proper maintenance and care of garden power tools are key to ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Clean the tools regularly and check and replace worn-out or damaged parts.

Lubricate moving parts, and store tools in a secure place to prevent rust. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and servicing.

Investing in quality garden power tools can help save time and money in the long run.

Think about storage

Secure storage of garden power tools is essential to prevent rust and damage. Keeping tools in a dry and secure place is key, and the following should be considered:

  • An appropriate storage container or shed
  • A well-ventilated area
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication
  • Secure locks and security measures.

Check warranty and customer reviews

When selecting garden power tools, it is important to check the warranty and customer reviews to ensure the best quality. This will help to identify the best brands that offer reliable, long-lasting tools.

Research customer reviews to gain an understanding of the product's performance and customer service. Additionally, ensure that the tools are covered by a warranty which covers any defects or malfunctions. Research the length and coverage of the warranty to determine its value.

Knowing the warranty and customer reviews can help ensure the best garden power tools are purchased. Carey Tools has over 200 5-star Reviews!

Safety Considerations

Operating power tools requires caution. Following safety guidelines keeps you and others around you protected.

Use the right tool for the job

Choosing the appropriate garden power tool for the job can result in better gardening outcomes. To ensure the right tool for the job:

  • Consider the size and layout of the garden
  • Determine the power source needed
  • Research the features and performance of the tool
  • Establish a budget for the purchase.

Investing in quality garden power tools can be a cost-saving measure in the long run, while the wrong tool can cause frustration and delays.

Read the user manual

Reading the user manual for a garden power tool is essential to understand its proper operation. It is important to make sure that the user manual is read before use to ensure the safe and effective use of the tool.

User manuals provide information on how to operate the garden power tool, safety precautions, maintenance and care instructions, and other important information. It is also important to follow the instructions in the user manual regarding any regular maintenance requirements or inspections, as failure to do so could lead to serious injury or damage.

Reading the user manual is an important part of proper garden power tool use and should not be overlooked.

Wear safety gear

When using garden power tools, it is important to wear appropriate safety gear such as:

These items will help protect you from potential injuries due to flying particles, loud noises, or sharp edges on the tools.

It is also important to keep children and pets away from the working area. Additionally, always read and follow the user manual for each tool to understand its proper operation and safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for Garden Power Tools?

Regular cleaning, checking and replacing of worn or damaged parts, and lubrication of moving parts are required for garden power tools. Proper storage in a dry and secure place is also advised to prevent rust and damage. Following the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and servicing is also important.

How Often Should I Service My Garden Power Tools?

It is recommended to service garden power tools according to the manufacturer's instructions. Regularly cleaning, checking, and replacing parts, as well as lubricating moving parts, can help ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the tools.

What Is the Difference Between Electric and Petrol Powered Garden Tools?

Electric and petrol powered garden tools differ in terms of power source, size and weight, noise levels, maintenance requirements, and cost. Electric models generally require less maintenance and are quieter but are limited in power compared to petrol models. Petrol models offer more power but require more maintenance and are louder.

Are There Any Special Safety Considerations for Using Garden Power Tools?

When using garden power tools, it is important to wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and ear protection. Additionally, one should keep children and pets away from the working area, use tools in well-ventilated areas, avoid working in wet or rainy conditions, and read and follow the user manual for each tool.

What Is the Best Way to Store Garden Power Tools?

Store garden power tools in a dry, secure location away from children and pets. Ensure the tools are clean and lubricated, and check for worn-out or damaged parts. Follow manufacturer instructions for maintenance and servicing.


Gardening is both an art and science, and the relationship between a gardener and their tools is pivotal. Whether it’s tending to greens or building the garden of your dreams, the right tools can make the task at hand more efficient and enjoyable. This is where Carey Tools steps in as your comprehensive solution for garden power tools.

Home to an extensive range of high-quality gardening equipment, Carey Tools equips you with everything from lawnmowers and hedge trimmers to pressure washers and watering systems. The assortment also includes versatile offerings such as the versatile 3-in-1 leaf blower or a thermal leak detector, paving the way for an all-round gardening experience.

When choosing garden power tools from Carey Tools, you can count on varied power sources suiting different needs, ergonomic designs considering size and weight, leading safety features, and respectable brand offerings. In fact, Carey Tools' consistent stocking ability, given the 1-3 working days delivery notice for most products, is a testament to their commitment to provide prompt access to these vital gardening companions.

However, these quality tools demand regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they remain in good condition, a practice that's much like taking care of one’s garden itself. Moreover, wearing appropriate safety gear, a necessity when handling these power tools, underscores how safety and gardening go hand in hand.